How to speed up my trading?

So I’ve gotten the hang of buy-low sell-high, using buy and sell orders in various trade hubs, ranging from Jita to Hek. I do make a small, steady profit. I try to identify items that have a lot of daily trade activity, as indicated by the price history tab. But the income stream is slow! I’ve got about 35 orders out (with another 30 order slots free). Sometimes I’ll see only a couple transactions in a given day.

How can I increase the volume of my trading? I suppose one way is to buy a bit higher, and sell a bit lower, so as to make my offers stand out more? Or maybe I just haven’t identified the fastest-moving commodities yet?

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Check out this channel:

Perhaps you’ll find an answer there , until some of the more seasoned traders can answer you , I am no expert , but the owner of that channel seems to be.


That looks great! Thanks!

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Most likely what you are running into are orders for items with a low sale rate. If you check on the “view price history” tab while on a given item, it will display how many orders are purchased per-day in the past. If you want quick sales then find those items that are always bought in high volume daily.

There is also something else you ca do - if interested. Many times at major trade hubs there are items being sold at a lower ISK than buy orders within the same region - although it usually takes large volumes to see more than just thousands or a few millions in gains, you can still look out for these opportunities if you fancy a quick buck.

Just make sure to check the route beforehand, you don’t want to be stuck investing millions of ISK into a product that has you ganked and taking a loss in low-sec.

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Thanks for the help. Yeah, I had chosen some low-volume items to trade. But even with my high-volume items, all too often I get undercut by 3 or 4 competitors who are buying/selling many more items than I am. I’m not sure how often to modify my order, or just whether to wait and let the market return to my price point. Modification is pricy, but it’s also annoying to have resources tied up in stagnant sell/buy orders. I’d be curious to hear anyone’s thoughts on modification vs waiting.

I suggest you leave Jita. If there are maybe one or two competitors for an item that are only undercutting you every 8-12 hours or so, then just compete with them until you feel like you have had enough. Some will buy/sell to you during those hours your prices are the lowest/highest and that’s all you want. But Jita is just too contested.

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Thanks. I have had some success trading at Hek, where there is less competition – but also less trade volume. The prices don’t seem wildly different. I’ll keep trying.

No problem. God bless, and fly safe!

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