How to stop being a noob overnight

Fastest way to stop being a noob?

Get to 98%+ on Project Discovery and earn 18million isk an hour while doing everything else you do.

That way you at least have some money to buy the things you need as a new player.


Is there a question here or something?


I had been here just over 12 months and I still don’t know how to work out how to read those wavy lines, I sometimes before restart open that up and start picking the low points before folding space.

  1. close and reopen the app if you arent sure…avoid losses.

  2. the easiest ones are sharp v’s in a repeated pattern. Click in one. Move over to another and click in it. Then when you fold you slide the lines right or left to center it.

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I’m afraid I disagree with you, OP. There is no isk amount of income that can shortcut one into knowing about EvE.

One could be getting 18 billions in an hour…or the time it takes to enter a credit card number and sell the resulting plex on market…and it still is no substitute for learning the game.

ALOD (Awful Loss Of the Day) has for years been full of examples of people who mistook having isk with knowing how to play.

Project Discovery - good to do and making isk whilst contributing to real-world space exploration data was a good idea…but doesn’t grant game understanding overnight…or ever, for that matter.


as Xuxe Xu said, OP, earning isks will allow noobs to be richer noobs, but still noobs
i think that’s the 10th or more thread that you open about ways to earn isks. You did it for explo, for trading, etc. Each time you did it, some players kindly answered you that focusing on earning isks is not a good way to play eve, eve will become a job, etc.

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