New Capsuleer Moneysinks

There are numerous ways to make ISK in EVE Online, and even more ways to spend it. I’m relatively new, but I’ve been around long enough to go broke on some things I wish I hadn’t.

Mind you, what might be a moneysink for a new player might be beneficial later on, but starting out, I’d say there’s a lot of distractions new players should avoid.

One of the bigger ones for me was the skills for big ships. When you’re just starting out, it pays to keep your focus on what’s directly ahead.

Skill injectors can be a temptation, too. I wish I’d have saved money instead of “instatraining” fifty skills that would have only taken a half-hour each.

Lastly, customizations for characters. They aren’t essential, and they can cost a lot more than they’re worth for pure vanity.

What other moneysinks have you found?


Hypernet relays?

But I’m old at the game and luckily don’t fall for the scams any more.

Everyone should get scammed at least once though (I did) just like losing your 1st ship. The good players don’t make those mistakes twice.


I agree, you either avoid the scams all together, or you make the mistake and learn your lesson. I fell victim to a “double your ISK” scam once, but I figured it was a scam going in. I was willing to take the gamble, but it would’ve been better if I didn’t.


Daily Alpha skill injectors. Unfortunately, the current generation of gamers have the patience and attention span of a potato, and can’t be bothered to wait a whopping 6 hours for a skill to train. They will probably quit when they get to the point of skill taking 30+ days to train…


I admit, I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to the skills, but I’ve been trying some things to increase my attention span and my patience. New players would do well to be patient, for sure.

Probably the biggest help is to have an idea of the next few steps you want to take. If you’re flying a Venture and you know you’re going to want a Prospect, start training those skills ahead of time. Find one or two other things in the game you can enjoy to distract you from watching the skill queue tick down, and–to a certain degree–just suck it up and wait.

Skill injectors can be beneficial, but they can also be addictive, and they can have a negative impact on one’s patience. I’m approaching skills that take two weeks, but I’ve decided against using skill injectors until after I’ve spent my ISK on more immediate concerns.

Skill injectors are like candy; a nice treat once in a while, but moderation is key.

Your a CCP alt! :rofl:

No one becomes that smart in such a short time! :wink:

Edit; Or you need to post with your main.

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Nope, I don’t have any affiliation with CCP except as a player, and Von is my main. I only have one alt, who I’m not sure is really necessary.

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I was jk. They are supposed to be known for that.

We get about one new player who catches on quick apx every 6 mo. I wish they would post like they used to so others could learn.

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Biggest scam ever!

These were more of a necessity for those who hit the 5mil cap to be able to go to 20 mil SP without paying the higher price if the large skill injector.

Money sink regarding ISK or real money?

ISK: As a new player, don’t go for battleships too early. You need different skills, and even T1 battleships are very expensive for a Newbro.
Real money: Some have enough and don’t care spending cash for pixel outfits and SKINs. Just don’t get addicted.
Both: Skill injectors don’t give you experience, but only the chance to lose more expensive stuff earlier. Rule of thumb: Experience beats skill points.

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I was thinking of ISK when I started the thread, but you’re right about real money. Aesthetics can get addicting, but that just means you’ll look really cool when you get blown up.

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