How to talk with the Developers?

I hope you’re the one guy who gets through using this tactic.

Can you see that cloaks require fuel too?

I’ll bite - it doesn’t need fixing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You may want to speak with them, need doesn’t come into it.


If you buy one enough beer at the next Fanfest, you might get them to listen to you for a bit. Or not. vOv

Worth a shot, though.

Are they still having those?

I want a pony


For sure. And with social distancing on planes, there will be plenty of room to plop your fat gamer ass across two seats.


and it will be paid for by the tax payer for those empty seats

I doubt it. Expect everything to cost a lot more next year.

If everyone who felt entitled to talking to the developers actually got to talk with the developers, said developers would never ever get anything done. I believe that first and foremost you should be explaining why you believe that you know something that they want to know as well, and why you believe you shouldn’t be sharing it here as well.

Ryan Air won’t be flying with empty seats unless paid by the tax payer :slight_smile:

Not sure they count as an airline though

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OMG. The answer is so obvious. OP - get elected to the CSM. Then you can speak to developers.


Join Goons brah

I have to check the membership fee

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Ryan Air, cattle class

Because this game has tens of thousands of players, there’s only so much time in the day, and they don’t know you from Adam. Even The Mittani can’t call up the devs on demand.

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