How to talk with the Developers?

Need to speak with the developers.

You can try tweeting at them. If you’re asking for a 1 on 1, you’re probably not going to get that.

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The question is, do they need to speak with you?




why would they not want to talk with me 1 on 1? do not use twitter.

Have you given them any reason for wanting to talk with you?

That does not make any sense. one does not know what one wants until the conversation is had first. you have the conversation then decide if you want to leave it or continue.

They don’t need to have the conversation, if you give them no reason to approach you.

So far, you have given them no reason.

Do we have another “professional software developer” - here to save CCP from itself?


bro stop using circular reasoning, its a fallacy. my question still stands. if you don’t have an answer then kindly stop replying with non answers.

This whole thread is non-content. It is perfect for replies with non-answers.

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I need to speak to Warren Buffett - please have him call me.

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Why do you think you’re so important enough that you should deserve a 1 on 1 with the developers?

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If by chance you do, tell them to fix cloaky camping…

Been trying to get that one to them for 10 years now… smh.

Wait, what is broken about cloaky camping?


If they did a one on one with you, they’d have to do it with every one of the other entitled nincompoops that felt their opinion was worth keeping them from their jobs.


This thread really illustrates how entitled some parts of the eve community are.

“I NEED to speak with the developers!”

Freaking bunch of Karens…


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Here, use this:


i need to speak with the developers wives
and mamas
how to?