How to turn in tags for sec

have not played in 4 years. I know you go to low sec concord station but where do you turn in the tags? Is it the loyalty store?

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I found the answer by using Dolan maps. I would delete this post but cant see how to do that.

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Hi, I have no idea how to delete posts…
But I suggest to not delete this, and maybe post how you found the solution by using Dotlan.

This might be helpful to others with the same problem.



Yes please. I have a bunch of tags, and I would love to actually know what to do with them rather than just selling them in Jita

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you turn in tags to a concord station in low sec only to raise your security stat to a positive number. when i left the game 4 years ago i was doing bad things :slight_smile: so my sec stat was -10. it cost alot of isk to do this. I played for 6 years and after 4 of not playing i am finding it hard to learn again but it is worth the time no other game is like Eve


When you “show info” on the tags, there is a button on the info window, that says “show on map” or something similar. Clicking it opens your map and highlights the solar systems containing the CONCORD stations you can turn the tags in.



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