How to unload a significant quantity of mexallon

I don’t know how long ago I but bought about 633.3 million units of mexallon in Jita 4-4. bought mostly with sold out skill points from years of having been subbed. Mex has gone up in price substantially and now that I’m checking back in on my account I want to unload. How do I unload it best for the highest proceeds after taxes/fees? I’m of the mind to try to find someone to trade it to through the trade window to avoid taxes and fees.

I’ve nearly completely lost my sense of the eve market. I want to try to come up with something else to put the proceeds into and probably go on another hiatus.

Sell 1 unit to the person with the highest buy order. Then send that buyer an eve mail and ask if they’d be interested in buying a ton of Mex. Afterwards, set up a sale with the person directly.

Rinse and repeat a few times until you’ve sold all of it. May have to work through a couple of buyers since some are only looking for a certain amount, others may not be looking for that much, etc. etc.


Contract the Mex to me, and I’ll sell it for you. Problem solved!


Sell it to your favorite side in latest war. Resources are relatively scarce now, and market changes have the effect of markets showing less depth than before (more sitting in hangars, fewer orders up)

By now I’ve sold almost everything over Jita sell orders because the tax/broker fee is less than the humongous discounts I’ve been offered

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Blast, I was going to be in the market for a billion units Mex or so, although I want it somewhere else.

Mass production to take advantage of the war ? :wink:

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