How to use drones

what ships are best for drones? I know that most amarr cruisers and some destroyers can hold 1-3 drones, but I don’t know where to fit them in my ship and I have no idea how to use them. do I need a special drone launcher like a rocket launcher? Thanks.

Generally those that have drone stat bonuses.

A good chunk of Gallente and a minority of Amarr ships have bonuses to Drones including things like +% health increase, +% damage increase, +% tracking increase, etc. The Pirate faction, Guristas, also specialize in Drones, with native ship bonuses adding MASSIVE amounts of health and damage to drones (at the expense of being able to launch less total number of drones into space).

You’ll be able to load up drones into your ship’s Drone bay. You can find this either on the fitting window:

or in the ship’s inventory tree:

Simply drag and drop the type and number of drones you want into that space and you’ll have them ready to go.

In order to use them, you’ll need to access them through the Drone management window. This window should automatically pop up on screen when you undock from a structure with your ship.


From there, you’ll be able to select the types of drones you want, and can either (1) drag and drop them out into space, or (2) right click then and select “Launch Drones”.

You will be able to launch a certain number of drones that will be limited by 2 separate variables. The first, will be your character’s Drone skill. This skill allows you to control 1 drone per level, up to a maximum of 5.


The other variable will be your ship’s Drone Bandwidth:

For example, this Vexor Navy Issue has a Drone Bandwidth of 75. That will be a factor in setting the hard limit of the drones you can send out.

For reference:
Light Drones require 5 mb/s
Medium Drones require 10 mb/s
Heavy Drones require 25 mb/s

So my VNI can launch, at most, 3 Heavy Drones (for a total of 75 mb/s) EVEN IF my character’s Drone 5 skill level would allow me to control up to 5 drones.

That also means I could launch 5 Light Drones (for a total of 25mb/s), and my VNI would still have 50mb/s leftover, but my Drone 5 skill would limit me to only 5 drones, even though the ship itself has Drone Bandwidth to spare.

There’s a lot more nuances to Drones, but hopefully this gives you a good starting position.


ok thanks I understand.

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