How were you introduced to the criminal side of EVE?


(Sabriz Adoudel) #22

I started out as a carebear and was growing bored. EVE’s PVE was just much worse than other games.

After a while I thought ‘screw it, let’s go to a wormhole and get shot’. I ran a few sites and eventually was found and quickly killed. I did get my pod home.

It was a rush, so I started looking for more trouble. Going solo into low, etc.

The biggest rush was the time I took a cheap Vexor out and got into a 3v1 fight. I picked a HAC (can’t remember which one) and it was in real trouble until its friends showed up. I had the HAC in deep structure before dying.

That near miss got me hooked and I started looking for more fights while also looking to keep my budding trade ‘empire’ going. Did internet research into highsec PVP, and found James 315’s manifesto post, which was at once both the single best forum rant ever written in the history of gaming, and full of excellent points. Decided to look into CODE., and never looked back.

I came to prefer the role of logistician over direct combatant, though I do need to get back into shooting people in the face again (in game of course).

(Abbot Jackson) #23

why don’t you make a r!ddit post about it?

(Abbot Jackson) #24

most of the people who consider themelves “criminals” are actually huge noob-friendly whiteknights who post on r*ddit, as evidenced by this thread. they think that just because they pvp, they’re evil crime lordsXD. sad.

(Mobadder Thworst) #25

I honestly don’t know how anyone looks at the void of content in Eve today and thinks we are better off without villains like this.

I’ve enjoyed reading his posts even though he’s decidedly more evil than I am. I can see his place in the game. This is a great character with Whom we should be excited to do battle.

He is what we call a “bad guy”.

Emotional recoil is real feelings… why not feel it? Why not have an enemy you actually want to kill?

Why simulate boredom and numbness? Don’t you guys want to simulate meaningful conflict?

I bet you kind-hearted-souls are bored and numb enough already…

I posted this in the wrong thread…

(Garresh) #26

Nah dude I’m a total internet badass. :wink:

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(Garresh) #28

Even without context it’s a good post. lol

(Sabriz Adoudel) #29

This is so true.

(Keno Skir) #30

About what?

(Kasnakha Ituine) #31

I joined EVE a couple of years back mainly due to my dad, who had been playing for 10 years or more by the time I joined in. Funny story, when I was a kid I used to laugh at his boring internet spaceship game, little did I know that I would be sucked into it quite a few years later.

I joined with absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do, asked my dad for some space money and wasted it on god knows what. I browsed the forum recruitment thread lookIng for something enticing and found a lowsec pirate group looking for members. After some conversation, I packed my t1 indy ship and made the 30 jumps to their location. They proceeded to ask me to come to “x” asteroid belt and help ship ore back to station, and me being new I didn’t question it. I did however jump into my indy ship and repeatedly fail to pick up any ore. I did find myself scrammed and webbed, however, by the guy in charge, who had gone through my API and discovered the 50mil isk transfer from my dad, who was a distinguished pirate. Suspicion set in, he blew my ass up, pod and all, and I was back in the starter station, 30 jumps from all my precious possessions.

After a number of unsuccessful endeavours in low sec, and having gained experience, I finally asked my dad to let me join him. He agreed, and so I made my way to his home system. After a small period of hostility by his corp mates, who station camped me until I could convince them that I was actually there to join them and they knew my dad… I was in. Paradox Collective would become my home for most of my EVE duration, with a couple of stints in nullsec during quiet periods. Together we harassed and kicked Co2’s ass and a number of other nullsec blocks, and I gained a great love for small fleet pvp. Unfortunately most of our corp ended up leaving the game or taking prolonged breaks, and I did the same. I’m now back and wondering if I can be bothered with it all again. I am space rich though…

(Beachura) #32

Angry space nerds made me want to blap them.

(Sera Sarain) #33

I was like any other highsec miner, minded my own business until i got wardecced. My group was like wondering… wow theres a way to attack people in highsec legally?! Hell yes!

So instead of mining we started getting the guns together and hunted other mining groups :slight_smile:
After when we got bored of highsec alltogether we decided to become pirates fulltime and invited ourselves to this nice area of lowsec.

Lowsec was tough. Being a criminal isn’t easy because you have many other professionals roaming around.

(Toxic Yaken) #34

I wanted to play EVE to be a pirate. Then I got sucked into the vortex of mining for a few months to fund my eventual PVP activities. I didn’t learn much more than how to orbit a rock and fill buy orders, and eventually got ganked by CODE. shortly after acquiring by first exhumer.

I got mad and tried to join a few corps to learn how to PVP and get some revenge (All credit to CODE. for motivating me to actually explore the game.) but the corps tended to be bad. I joined one group that lived in Khanid space who promised me to PVP, but I ended up mining for them instead and ended up leaving within the same week. I joined another who wanted to teach me how to do wars in Highsec but basically told me we wouldn’t do anything until the two of us had the skills to properly fly some cruisers… It was ■■■■.

I ended up finding Psychotic Monk’s blog on a whim, and then a whole bunch of other piracy blogs and suddenly found myself engrossed in Highsec dickhattery. I started by awoxing a corporation with a Thrasher, then a few more in a Thorax, picking up small kills and pissing off a whole bunch of people. It didn’t really become something I loved until I tricked someone into giving me a billion to buy a POS for our corporation… Like holy ■■■■ I spent months grinding this much isk and suddenly I had just had someone hand me the same amount out of blind trust.

Even though Belligerent Undesirables was on a decline with Psychotic Monk’s retirement, I made my best friends in EVE through there and the activities I got into during my first year of dickery. Did some wars with a couple of friends, got addicted to ganking, made some decent isk and had fun doing it. I’ve always held a great deal of pride for choosing to following my own path.

(Pix Severus) #35

There I was, sat in a station looking at my wallet as yet another billion trickled it’s way into it. “What’s the point in having all this ISK if I never actually DO anything with it?” I asked myself. I could feel it coming, that feeling that most of us have experienced from time to time was sinking-in, I was getting bored, and I was going to quit.

Determined not to let this happen, and almost without thinking, I undocked my little Cormorant and told myself that I was not to dock-up again until I had killed someone, anyone. I was flying randomly from system to system when I spotted someone autopiloting in a pod, I followed them for a while, it looked like they were on their way to Jita. I jumped ahead of the pod and waited for it to land at the next gate, and as soon as it did, I squished it.

CONCORD moved in and made short work of my ship, I got my pod away to a nearby station and took a look at the killmail. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, over 1 billion ISK in implants destroyed, someone had lost all of that purely on a whim. Feeling a lot less bored, I checked my notifications and saw that there was now a killright against me “Oh yeah, those exist now.” Maybe I shouldn’t have used my mission runner to perform a gank; I didn’t undock my blingy battleship for the entire month the killright was active, out of fear of losing it. I eventually decided to stop training skills on my mission runner and instead train for destroyers on my trade alt (this char) so I could continue my dark work.

It was during this time that I got chatting with a well-known ganker on the EVE forums, I joined their corporation and together we cut a swathe through Metropolis.

One of the funniest moments during my early ganking days was when I wanted to reduce my sec status as much as possible all at once, so I fitted a smartbombing Rokh and took it to Niarja. I decided to park it at a gate where a bunch of Marmites were camping, I wanted them to watch my christening as I finally fell below -5 sec status. Positioning my ship along the autopiloting path, I sat there for what seemed like forever as I waited for a bunch of ships to land at the same time. Eventually two haulers and a shuttle landed and I turned on my smartbombs. What followed was a whole mess of killmails, and I dropped to around -7 sec status; fun times were had by all.

(Garresh) #36

I would kill to have been a fly on the wall of either corp when that went down. Sounds kinda hilarious.

(CowRocket Void) #37

I was bored

(Kathern Aurilen) #38

I like to pick up space litter. More of a public service than a criminal act

(Dom Arkaral) #39

I’m late,

I came about being an evil pilot when I started seeing people getting ganked in the area where I was running missions.

I started to talk to the guy (@Kalorned) and from there I started to help him with ganks. Started with warpins, then I got my alt in with him.

The Minerbumping channel also consequently made me join the small merc leagues (through @Kaely_Tanniss). And from there it went.

That was most definitely the best times I’ve had in EVE. I’d give anything to go back to those days of hunting preys all over the place.

And now I’m retired due to RL, but hopefully I’ll come back soon :slight_smile:

(Bronson Hughes) #40

I started playing back in the early days of EvE, around 2004/2005. I have a long and storied history, abbreviated by many long pauses and much forum lurking, of making friends by shooting at them first. I landed a spot in my first PvP corp after the CEO witnessed me win a 2v1 cruiser fight against two of his members. This little 2v1 ended up landing me on both sides of The Great War (Goon vs BoB) and teaching me a ton about PvP. Good times.

As for criminal activity (as opposed to losec/nullsec PvP), that started on one of my more recent un-pauses when I decided to figure out what the heck CODE. was about. While suicide ganking turned out to not be my style, I did make my first contacts in the criminal world and I made a pretty penny hanging out in comms with CODE. while claiming their bounties. (They really were much better sports than people give them credit for.) I got accused of being a White Knight quite often, but I never aimed to stop CODE. so much as help relieve their boredom. (And claim some bounties.)

After that came much forum warrioring, lots of one-man-corp wardeccing and ransoming, some good-natured can-flipping (after it wasn’t easy to do anymore), the occasional heist, and a brief but highly enjoyable stint as the inaugural C&P Thunderdome Champion. All the while, I was tried to be nice and was always wiling to chat up my victims and teach them the error of their ways to avoid players like me in the future.

tl;dr: I’m not really much of a criminal in terms of ISK stolen or people pissed off, but being a criminal in EvE has been useful, profitable, educational, and fun.

(Jovius Marginus) #41

My change came as unexpectedly as it came abruptly.

I have always been into PVP. I did the whole fleet thing.

I was living in Nullsec, part of the CFC and a renter alliance didn’t pay their bills. Their leadership also failed to inform their membership that an eviction was coming soon. What followed was a minor alliance getting blobbed by a bunch of people that were set to blue.

A few days after the large “surprise” butsex fleet dropped on their homes, I was online and moving a fleet cane to an npc station along a pipe. About halfway down the pipe, I saw two reds in local, but being the brave pvper in my trustworthy cane that I am, I decided to carry on.

As I landed on the gate, I saw something I couldn’t believe. One of these bears was trying to sneak his assets out. The two reds were in a Charon and escorting the Charon was a MIGHTY HULK.

They jumped the gate and I instantly followed. On the other side I locked up the Hulk and blew it up before it warped (I had no point, it was a fleet cane so I had as much buffer as I could fit). I then high tailed it to the NPC system to fit a bloody point and web.

I then went to go and sit on the in-gate to the system with the NPC station…it is literally the only place he could be going to because of the pipe.

About 15 minutes later, the Charon jumped in and I pointed and webbed the damn thing while I spent the next 15 minutes shooting at it (luckily I had a ton of ammo).

This is where the change happened in me. I was not only about to kill a Charon solo…but I was convo’d by the guy begging and pleading me to stop. He tried to appeal to my human nature. He tried to sob story me into submission. He even tried to pay me. But all that this did was fuel my intense need to kill this Charon, which was red and stupid enough to try to move through our space, with nothing but a Hulk for an escort.

Afterwards, I tried to rationalize it. “The lesson had to be taught”. And “I made eve a better place by teaching an idiot what NOT to do”. But in the end, the truth was…I ENJOYED RUINING HIS DAY.