How would you like to see Repair timers handled during TiDi?

Face it, this seems to be the big issue right now. So why not throw out some ideas.

Would it be better to scale the repair timer during TiDi. Maybe not a 1 to 2 scale, but would a log function or a square one work?

Is there another solution? What do people think?

Repair timer stays paused as long as TIDI is at 10%. To save the structure… drive them off.

So just get everyone in Tristans in system, not even on grid, launch drones, and run around. TiDi stays at max till the defenders get bored amd leave.

Heck the defender could inadvertently stall the timer just by bringing too many carriers and launching drones.

I agree TiDi has to impact the timer, but a full pause, even if you are applying no damage at all, just seems like you are asking large groups to figure out how to weaponize TiDi, which seems like s bad idea.

It moves the advantage from the side trying to save the asset (as it is now) to the side trying to destroy the asset. That means more structures go “boom”. I view that as a positive.

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