How's mission Lev 4 - Burners right now?

Been out for more than one year, then just recently got back playing a bit on Alpha.
Just saw can’t run lev 4 mission any more.
Not a big deal since doing top lev 4 mission in Alpha is almost suicide.
Question is: Has there been any change in Burner missions this latest covid one-an half year; rebalance, etc? Last time I checked in Omega it was a massive effort to make old T2 fits works, especially with the hardest Burner missions…

Latest Gankers thread on the matter:
Burner mission needs rebalance? What has being going on? - PvE Gameplay Center / Missions - EVE Online Forums

Missions… boring as sh-
The real fun in EVE is PvP. Nothing like attacking someone, blowing them out of the sky and avoid being attacked and blown to smithereens.
Only advantage to PvE is to support PvP and very few things in PvE are even worth doing.
Good luck making any meaningful gains with PvE. It’s really just a pastime, maybe waiting for something interesting to happen for a chance at PvP.

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The new Guristas Hunt Outpost (The Hunt Event) Pve missions seems fun.
I see they appear in Caldari Space and the NPC scrams…
There’s always some Pvp chance at doing Pve anyway :slight_smile:
It’s not like doing only PvP but still great to challenge in a rainy day!

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So… I just learned that there is a market for Abyssal modules…
I was completely unaware of the new fitting possibilities for Attack Frigates!
This changes everything!!!

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