HS FUBAR! ccplease!

Perhaps you should stop telling other players to leave the game.

Better yet, practice what you preach and follow your own advice.


Funny I was just thinking that reading your posts.

Why do you always attack?

Its so mean.


The game mechanics that the OP appeared to misunderstand. Clarifying the existing game mechanics to show why what someone perceives as broken is actually working as intended is a valid response to a post such as the OP.


Bounty hunting could become a trainable skill.


0 training = Kill right earned (30 days like normal) to pilot of bounty if attacked in HS while holding a bounty.

1 level = Kill right 15 days (half of current time period) Attacking Pilot goes Criminal status to Concord
2 level = 10 days, as above
3 Level 5 days, as above
4 Level 15 Minutes, and Suspect to Concord, no longer considered a Criminal as the level 4 training had been reached.

Level 5 Consider yourself a Concord Level grade Officer, with no suspect status though pilot of said bounty also holds 30 days kill right on you like how it currently is.

Bounty training levels can also be removed based on your own actions too,


It wasn’t an attack, it was a suggestion.

As usual, your comment is complete utter nonsense, especially since I have never told players to stop playing this game.

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50K+ when? During the special attempt when trying to push number as high as possible, with all alts logging in at the same time for no reason other than to just log in?

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It is actually quite fun content. Not everything in this game is about isk. when my area is invaded I just take my typhoon and blow some trigs and let new players salvage all they want - is peanuts to me anyway. And buffer tanked 'phoon taking on trig fleet solo is a bit hardcore way to do it xD

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Or… don’t do things solo and team up with other people if you want salvage (have one person dedicated to salvaging in fleet and suddenly problem solved).


I didn’t accuse you of that.

I just said you were always mean.

Which, admittedly isnt true.

You are always very kind about CCP and their clothing choices.


I have had little to no issue with salvage ninja’s when killing roaming trigs. It’s usually a conduit issue, they follow fleets. As that seems to be what sparked your thread, I would give it another go. Find a system with fewer in local.


Don’t know what you’re referring to and if you’re trying to make a disparaging remark in order to demean my character, you’re an even bigger troll than I previously thought.

That’s exactly what I mean.

You are always on the attack.

Which is a shame, I bet you’d have some interesting things to say if you had a more positive outlook and ignored the people you don’t like.


Whoa loads of responses :slight_smile:

Yeah it was a rant, because somewhere I had hoped that I could have a good time with the newly provided, specially made content, and if people want to grief and steal there would be some mechanic that would punish them in what is supposed to be High Security… Someone steals your wrecks, shoot your stuff (tractor unit) and it should be called something resembling “elite playing” or “skilfull” in high security? LS, NS, WH’s is where you kill or try to kill and steal what you can steal and get shot in the face and trampled on for trying to steal and kill. In HS, you play like vermin hiding behind the twisted stupid rules of HS. I would at least expect that the wreck i made would be MINE to salvage. Now I accept that it’s not that way, and my 2 cents: HS is absolute shiiiite rules. Lol then they call it a sandbox, where vermin and thieves are protected by rules that make no sense…

Sure lets talk about the 50K+ back in the days when there was no free Alpha clones and 0skillpoint Battleships :slight_smile:
It’s a long shot, but just maybe, if CCP would indeed read some of this, they might think twice about how to get real players back into the game, in for example HS to start with :slight_smile:

Ahh, so you actually were trying to make a derogatory remark about my character.

Thanks for clarifying that your main goal here on these forums is to demean players with snide sarcastic remarks.

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I think that protecting what you regard as your assets is playing the game.

There are more ways to do things than the way you think everyone else does them.

And if they aren’t my wrecks, why don’t I go suspect when I salvage them?


Im honestly not being sarcastic.

I dont know why you think I have some kind of agenda other than to try and understand why you pay attention to people that annoy you?


Yeah that’s what I plan on doing. During low times as well, which is ok for my TZ, but all my friends are in a TZ where they can’t join me unfortunately.
TBH it was the first day that it was this bad though. Been doing it last week without much issue.
(Edit; is there a way to block the replies of these two children in this thread?)

Sandbox means that you can play the game in a way that you want to, the “downside” is so can everybody else.

You want to run missions, that’s a legit choice in Eve.
Someone else wishes to engage in ninja salvaging, that’s a legit choice in Eve.
Another guy wishes to engage in piracy, also a legit choice in Eve.

By design, all these activities are meant to conflict which each other, your wants being different from another persons. All are allowed in highsec, crimewatch has bits in it that specifically allow the more nefarious ones, without them there is little to no danger in hisec, even with them the risk can be minimised to such a degree that it may as well not exist.

You’re not meant to be safe in hisec, there is meant to be risk there.

Any safety beyond that which you provide for yourself is an illusion. Concord are not there to protect you, they are there to punish people who engage in illegal aggression.

If the guy was merely salvaging there was no risk to yourself anyway.


Yes you were and now you’re just plain lying about it.

You jumped in and posted some snide sarcastic remark about me liking CCP’s choice of clothing as well as thinking I should do the same when I posted for someone else to follow their own advice of telling players to leave the game.

That type of advice isn’t helpful or appropriate and I’m not going to ignore it. Players who constantly post that crap and those who agree with it are a cancer to this game and this community.


Im not lying.

The comment was genuine, I have seen the thread you took effort to create thanking CCP for the clothes they gifted us in the last few events.

All I said was that you always are mean to people you don’t like, I mean, you don’t like me, and you are accusing me of all sorts, but that’s ok because I like you. Its fine, I understand.

I just think that I would like to hear your ideas, not how much you dont like me.

You dont even have to reply to me, its fine.

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