HS Ratting VNI fit advice

Which one of These would you recommend?
Justify purpose if you can, that helps me understand.

Your small armor repairer won’t do anything to help you. Put something else in it instead, like an Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer for your drones.

Take a look at how much HP it repairs per cycle, and compare that to how much Armor health you have. Then take a look at how many cycles it would take to even repair 1/2 of that.

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Thanks for the observation @Scoots_Choco ,
I’m working on that.
Meanwhile if there is one of These you recommend let me know


For hisec I’d go for this alpha-friendly speedtank shield basic setup. Drones are your main weapon on it, guns not all that important anyway. Comparatively cheaper, also.

The VNI was the ratting workhorse of 0.0 space until the nerfed it from 5 to 3 heavy drones.

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