[HUD / Neocom] QoL : "Align Right" for [Search New Eden, System, Route, Aura Tips, etc]

Dear CCP,

Currently, we can right click the Neocom (EVE Taskbar) and click Align Right to put it on the right side.
And this is awesome.

But, it is not possible to Align Right this section:

And that is a problem for me, because without that, my Mirror HUD is incomplete:

Thank you for your time.


P.S. That screenshot was taken a year ago. Today, I still run a Mirror HUD setup, but the Overviews are now in the middle next to the Neocom, and more windows are grouped together for a cleaner interface. However, the Overview on Client #2 ends up having to be smaller than Client #1 because of this problem.

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