"Hunter's Boon" update on Singularity

That could be interesting, but mechanically I’m interested how that would work.

Should have just left the passive stuff alone and introduced the module for the ships that never had the capabilities, or atleast the t3cs

Has some form of cool down on some other aspect of the fit.

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@CCP_Paradox Thoughts? Potential iteration here as a compromise


Bout the time to skip the skill loss! I do love the T3 cruisers but I’m guessing this change comes to a cost tho.

??? why? t2 cruisers do it better in almost every scenario

I mean with the increased price and the assumed large m3, its literally just going to be cheaper and easier to use a helios or other t2 explo frig to light cynos,
this mobile cov cyno beacon will be utterly useless for nearly everything except MAYBE using on a spy alt to bridge in hyper ships to tackle a super before it lands?

Absolutely not, unless you want them to stay in a spot where no one wants to use them in any situation, balance wise, they’re in a decent spot, in fact, they’re kinda underpowered if anything. Hacs are better dps platforms, recons are better ewar, command ships are better links, logi cruisers are better logi, T3Cs are outclassed in everything they can do by t2 hulls, their advantage is their flexibility. Another nerf would make them even less usable.

Edit: Also I almost forgot about how t3cs just lost the one thing they had going for them, passive nulli subsystems, and how they’ve been nerfed a good deal over the past year or two. Another nerf and the ship class might as well not even exist.


They’ve already been nerfed to oblivion, and the last nerf was like what, a month ago? Even with this change I still think T3C are better being reprocessed than actually used.


Sounds like a great penalty to levy on highsec gankers

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can you give the hydra the no targeting delay bonus? asking for a friend

Try doing relics or combats in wormholes solo, and get blapped 50 times by cloaky ships with their newly minted 'I win" buttons (faction scramblers) and say that again. Or perhaps you were thinking of a specific form of PvE in a specific place, and made an equally absurdly sweeping statement.

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They got progressively nerfed to the point where they’re no better than HACs anyway, so I fail to see your point. Even the nullification advantage has been dumped on now. They have nothing left to justify skill loss.


By the time I started using TC3’s, I never bothered to reconfigure it. It had a purpose and I built other ships for their purpose. I spent no time trying to make a single TC3 do everything.

You get a hug for listening to the community and actually acting upon it.

The riddance of t3c skill loss is most welcome. Now, CCP…please deal with the ridiculousness of an entire subsystem devoted to servicing a broken module.

If you at least reverse the changes on this one ship type, it might just be enough to let the rest of this nullification travesty pass, since the t3c’s flexibility means that explorers and hunters alike will have at least something usable.

CCP come on, the move of cynos to specific ships was genius! It allowed for engagments with small gangs because you knew what you were getting. Why bring is us back into the bad old days.
Remember people would not fight anything because EVERYTHING had a cyno on it…
Well, here we go again.

Eh, not really, like others have mentioned these things aren’t exactly the simple modules we had back in the day, it takes up a lot of space in cargoholds, limiting it to ships of at least 400m3 cargo space, its expensive, has a 1 minute light time, and can be destroyed before it lights. So no, were not going back to the old days.

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They have cloaky warp and additional subsystems in the pocket. So you can shout “transformation”. And you are logibro, or electronic, or f1 or whatever.

As well they should do, considering they’re T3 instead of T2. As others have stated above, they’re not the best at either of those things, either. One minute you’re asking why t2 cruisers exist if they’re so similar, and the next you’re justifying skill loss by pointing out how different they are. Make up your mind.

Yep, just like it’s cheaper, faster and easier to use a recon ship to light the normal cynos now, rather than using a mobile cyno for it.

The mobile covert cyno is going to be useful in very specific cases. Combat use may not even be that good if it can be easily killed, unless you drop one off grid and have the bombers warp in on the target.

You got a point. Skill lose is the only thing except ability to transform, **cloak warp, ** perform any role in fleet without dockin that differ t3 from t2. For sure that must be fixed. That was the reason I ask why t2 existing becouse after that pach t3 will do everything t2 does plus that bold stuff above. And t3 will do it for free. Without even skill loses