Fix for NPC Drone Aggression is now live on Singularity for testing

Hi everyone,

We have currently a fix for NPC drone aggression in wormholes live on Singularity for testing. To help us further verify the fix, I would like to ask that those who have been affected by this issue to try reproducing the issue on Singularity.

Once we have confirmation from those affected that the fix has indeed solved their issues with NPC aggression and drones, we will release the fix to Tranquility.

If you notice any issues with NPC aggression on Singularity, please create a Bug Report from inside the game explaining the details and how to reproduce.

I’d like to say thank you for the bug reports we have received on this issue, they helped identify the issue to us. Many of you wrote fantastic bug reports full of information which helped immensely.

Thank you.


Thanks! Rattlesnake pilots rejoice!


… I just brought 200 praetors to run sites with. Thanks CCP.

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Rattlesnakes? I moved on to Carrier\Super ratting. Who uses rattlesnakes anymore? sheesh

I can’t get a super into my wormhole.


Love you guys, will check it out during the weekend


FC, How do?


Although just moved a dread in, this is still good news.

I kinda liked that you needed to pay attention…

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He obviously means the 100% safe ratting space with immediate local intel!

The drone aggro is looking good so far. Have only cleared a couple sites while I wait for stuff to compile. Going to hit a few more tomorrow. Also need to get a few more fits into SISI that aren’t using deadspace/faction/etc.

I still find myself tethered at times while already off from the citadel and at the anomaly site. I know this bug is “known” but is the root cause known? Do you want more samples of this reported or is it already being worked on and requires no additional reports?

The root cause for this is unfortunately not known, so yes - bug reports about this are for sure appreciated. Especially useful would be descriptions on how to get into this state with somehow reliable steps. Feel free to use Singularity to test this further.

Put up a tower, add a capital assembly array & ore refining array, ship in some compressed ore and in a few days you have a carrier. It’s best to take down the cap array and put up a corporate hanger - Total cost abut 3 billion .

Better get it done quick tho as soon as the towers are phased out the cost goes up by about 20 billion

EDIT: - Not for supers of course

Wormholers just want the rewards of nullsec without the risk.

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I’ve tested this on Singularity and I can confirm that the patch has solved the issue with sleepers flat out hating on drones. They seem to be back at their normal where they go for drones every now and then, but similar to what they did before the bug was introduced.

Thank you guys for looking into this!

I also tested this and found the same results as Inotee Tahr. I’ve updated my bug report (EBR-131993) to reflect that the current build of SISI appears to have fixed the problem.

Thanks for all the work on getting this resolved. Not only will it make it easier to farm again, but will provide more content in the form of other people doing the same. :slight_smile:


Needing to pay attention is one thing, guaranteed 160M loss for a 300M site is not reasonable. They could make it so that the aggression frequency remains the same, but the number of ships that attack the drones is less.

Not true at all, WH is inherently waaaay higher risk. Since when do null secers lose 1.2B almost daily? The risk is higher, and the reward is higher. In NS, there’s virtually no risk in ratting, unless you’re ratting in enemy territory.