"Hunter's Boon" update on Singularity

Why not log in and look?

because I want him to check if he wrote it wrong in his post (or the design intension was 7 but implementation was 5), not if hoboleaks was wrong.
Hoboleaks reads the data from pack it can’t be wrong.

As an employee announcing updates on official forums, at least the numbers should be correct.
People on reddit are already discussing “7 launcher Enforcer DPS” while this could be just a illusion from a typo of a Dev.
Not everyone has time to double check every change on Sisi and compare it to a Dev post like me. They will trust the post as it is so it is very important to make it right.

So a mistake isn’t allowed to be made?

It’s 5 btw on SiSi. Mr. Perfect.

That’s why I’m asking him to check.
Is there anything wrong to ask him to check if that was a typo mistake or a design implementation mistake?

is there any chance to increase the bandwidth for the proteus to 125mits/sec ?
since is olmost useles for exploration that "blaster bonus " is waste even for pvp
and i doubt some one use railguns in a pretus rigth now

And to add on to that: Would it be possible to remove the drone bandwidth penalty from the nullification module?

The only drone ships that can use the nullification module are T3Cs. It’s a very harsh penalty for a nullified drone Proteus that they have only 50 Mbit/sec, while all other nullified T3Cs don’t get their dps halved.


Agree, this copy pasta from WCS doesn’t make sense. But, who uses nullified drone Proteus?

Nullified whiptail lost like 100+ dps (just saying)

One thing that’s kind of bugged me is for exploration after the t1/t2 racial frigate you’ve not really got any clear racial upgrade path, yes you can fit a Strat cruiser for exploration, but it’s locked out of a lot of sites has this been reviewed since the nerfs ?

This is EVE. There is no linear progression from one ship to the next. There are no upgrades, just sidegrades, which means all ships have situations in which they are relevant.

If you’re looking for a quick affordable non-combat relic or data site explorer, T2 exploration frigates are indeed the best option.

Cruisers like exploration T3Cs and the Stratios have more combat capabilities, but are slower and therefore less suited for the non-combat exploration sites. Unless you want to fight.

If you want to go even bigger the Nestor is an ‘upgrade’. Even better in combat, more expensive but also much slower and a more attractive target.

But let’s go back to the T2 explorers. You want an upgrade: have you looked at the Pacifier? It’s as fast as the T2 explorers, is much more expensive but can do most of what T2 explorers can do and has combat capabilities on top of that.

Finally got to play with things a bit Paradox, and so far, I like where its headed, though some difficulties still remain on full combat fits.

Something I also noticed is that, in a full combat fit without a cloak, some hardpoints are missing visually from specifically the enforcer hull. I haven’t tested this on the pacifier yet but think that similar will occur. Something for visuals/art team to look into.

@CCP_Paradox , overall I’d still say good work so far :slight_smile:

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We love the idea of skill loss as an ultimate penalty in the game but don’t think this isolated one-off implementation on this single ship is the right place. It has been a long discussed topic in the community, and we’ve decided to finally remove the skill loss from T3 cruisers.

In my opinion SP loss is a punishment for actually playing the game. Why punish someone for 2 - 45 days (depending on what SP loss ideas you have in your back pocket) for going out and trying to get into fights? This only causes people to fly the next best thing for x time period, log out until training is finished, or purchase a pack (least likely scenario for MOST).

If SP loss is applied to a wider range of ships it will only make people more risk adverse.


Technically with that view ISK value loss would be a punishment. Under that view we might as well just scrap EVE and remove all loss. The chance of any loss will cause some people to be risk averse or feel punished, as seen from the whiners out there. SP takes time to earn and so does ISK. SP also equates to a certain amount of ISK if you want instant replacement. So replacing SP or a ship loss really isn’t much different.

I disagree with this view because without the chance of meaningful loss or danger, success would also be meaningless. You wouldn’t have those adrenaline flowing heart pumping PVP fights if there was nothing to lose on both sides.


The worst drug on the planet.

We have another update to this patch on Singularity right now:

We’re adjusting the attributes on the Bastion Module slightly with the following changes:

  • Reducing target painter resistance to 50%
  • Reducing weapon disruption resistance to 50%
  • Reducing target dampener resistance to 50%
  • Reducing sensor strength bonus to 200%
  • Removal of ECM resistance

The pacifier also has a small adjustment in addition to the previous changes from above:

  • Pacifier CPU output increased to 240 (from 200)

yessss CCP yesssssssss love the changes! gg

would it be possible to increase Marauder base hp to compensate a bit for that? In my opinion marauders still have rather low raw hp and you can still end up getting rep cycle that rep more hp than the ship has.

bite your tongue. t3s have been nerfed into the ground too many times.


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that’s not slightly.
slightly is 5% mayyyyybe 7.5
not this.
sorry, the tradeoff for resistance to ewar is unable to move. no remote assistance.
STOP BREAKING STUFF. fix stuff that actually needs to be fixed.
slightly. jesus


While I agree the nerf is pretty aggressive, they still remain pretty powerful even with this taken. ECM still will do jack and all, and you’re still 50% resistant to everything else except neut pressure… I think that actually puts Marauders in a decent spot in several areas even if it hurts certain PVE a good bit. Especially with the previous turbobuff

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