Hurricane Harvey, Irma and What-ever its name will be Ship Skins

I was wondering if CCP is going to design a limited run of Hurricane based ships skins to help provide support for those affected by Hurricane Harvey? I would even say that a new agent mission “The Storm” could be introduced where the player would have to travel through high radiation mission areas to deliver goods to a colony or destroy NPC’s to get skins.

Proceeds would go to help the hurricane victims of Harvey, Irma and that other storm.


I agree with this, specially considering the scandal I heard recently that people with a Full Insurance, which supposedly covers all sorts of disasters, did not get coverage for floods… The excuse from the insurance agency was “We did not expect floods to happen so we do not cover them.”

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Insurance companies cannot change their policies like that. If they do then they have been scamming their policy holders the entire time.

Insurance companies know from the start what they are getting in by being insurers. I think such people should be taken out and shot.

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Yeah, cause now these people do not have a home, lost all their valuables and even sentimental stuff, like a man that lost pictures of his diseased wife to the flood. WELP! Sure must feel nice to know the insurance is only giving a bed and free food :roll_eyes:

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I went through a similar issue with an apartment that I rented. The manager had moved a very mentally sick girl in next door. She would steal stuff from the local Kroger’s next door, was a bug zapper for the mentally sick guys in the complex as well. She caused all sorts of problems and the police called to her home many times in large numbers at least five at any time.

I came home from work one morning and had gone to bed just to wake up :45 minutes later to her apartment being engulfed in flames. I lost nearly everything except my PC and books and some other things.

The apartment complex was at fault because they allowed her to remain in the complex regardless of what she did because she was a guaranteed state check every month. To hell with the working people, right. The complex manager then gloated about how if I had renters insurance that I would have had a $15,000 check handed to cover the losses.

Hello…it was because of the complex manager renting the apartment to her in the first place knowing all of the problems that she brought that had actually caused the fire where their apathy nearly cost me my life.

Come to find out five years ago that the complex had not be very well maintained and that sections of concrete balcony had collapsed.

The biggest kick in the teeth was that the firehouse was just a block away and it took them nearly :30 minutes to get to the complex.

I remember it was like yesterday. Sometimes I can even still smell the fresh morning on the trees outside my windows.

I’m certain that you can see the scam.

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Hope we get to give some love and care to those people through the game…

And yeah man, that really sucked. I feel really lucky because one day the owner of the apartment (which he took over because his old man passed away) wanted to sell the bottom floor but not before some remodeling to make it look nice.

Now, ask anybody, and they will instantly tell you that knocking down walls on an appartment witout any authorisation is a bad thing. Specially when its a Master Wall, 4 of them, you know, walls that maintain the structure of the whole apartment up. We were lucky that security and etc intervened before it was late, and the building is stable again, but the douchebag wanted to slime away from the issues and even attempted to resume his filthy work on the bottom floor without anyone knowing! It has also been years since the roof had a punch on the tiles and water seeps in during winter, because everybody keeps making up the excuse “Oh, we started working, but now its raining again so we cannot work” said them after delaying during the whole summer. My place is on the very top, and this is how bad the roof situation is, my room and my moms room have no light. Nowere to plug our stuff. Nothing. We need to rely on an extension cord, plugged on the hallway, that then splits into two more extension cords where all our stuff in both rooms are connected to, which to me it is a very high danger thing to do. Oh and part of the bathroom ceiling collapsed as well because of rot that the water made but that’s the least of our problems lol.

I really hate and despise these slimey companies, always stating “Yeah we will do it and work on it” only to find out they only start working on the edge of winter to get excused from working because of cold and rain, as well as people that ■■■■ things up for an entire apartment and still tries to get away from problems. The insurance company tho, now that is just inhumane, to even think they got a legit excuse to not pay all those victims, they must be shitting their pants because its so many people they will go bankrupt, probably shouldn’t have used the money to buy cars and ■■■■ like that which most “charity” things do nowadays, always grabbing money for themselves. There are good charity companies, but most of them just exploit the good will of people.

Take a look at the new game soon to be released, Middle Earth: Shadow of War.
They made a trailer in tribute to Mike Forgey that died to cancer during development, modeled an orc for him as well, all good and fine by me, they loved the man, so they are doing the right thing. Warner Brothers tho are putting it as a DLC, you buy it and they give, what, about 70% of all purchases towards Mike’s family. Yeah sure I guess its acceptable, most of it goes to the family, all good and well.
Now here is the big catch. Any purchase made from outside of the US or to a few select states are not going towards the family, its just going directly to WBs bank. They would be perfectly fine if they said “Hey all purchases we cannot accept will go to a local charity institute or to a research thing to fight cancer or something” you know, give it to do something good because if one guy dies to cancer surely many others die as well, but instead they made sure the text was only visible at the end of the trailer (which nobody sees) and on the description tucked down below when you click “Read More” (which rarely anyone reads).

Here in EvE, we need to show that we care. We did the same to support breast cancer, we can do the same for the victims. I would tag with @ one of the CCP members to watch this, but I got no clue to who this would be relevant, Guard, Phantom, theres a few of them, unless we should just tag them all and call this issue up so EvE can demonstrate that we as a community care.

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Will we do this for the Typhoon Mawar that looms off the coast of China and is expected to make landfall soon, too?


I can’t remember the last PLEX for good but there’s lots of real charities you could donate to instead. I’m not trying to be offensive or insensitive but I support CCP’s inaction, not sliming their brand on a hurricane and other charitable/tragic things. Who knows maybe they will announce something soon and have one of those big checks (cheques) made?


Even a check for 5,000 skeleton fingers or $5,000 to help would be good in my opinion.

CCP should make more PLEX for good. It could also help them get help if their unpronounceable volcanoes will melt Reykjavik again.

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I understand that people that want to help can do it right away, however, from my experience charity has been abused to the point you see these “humanitarian” groups collecting clothes for the homeless, only to be found out that they are sending the clothes to a factory to remake them and sold on another country for profit. I don’t even know who to trust whenever I see these people trying to hand out magazines in a monthly subscription plan or asking for food or clothes for the homeless, I may be considered cold but you can thank mankind itself for doing that. Even when I had 16 years I had a good heart, and it was at that time I started learning how we as humans act with greed, was having lunch at McDonalds and this woman approached me asking for 1 euro to be able to eat a burger, she looked homeless by judging her clothes, smell and dirty appearance, however I did not have 1 euro, only 50 cents, and I gave them to her anyway in hopes she could at least gather them. What did I get? A cold mean spirited stare as if I did something wrong.

Whenever I play a game and I see the company doing something out of their good will they will usually try to call their community about this subject and even giving something as a thank you for contributing, then that is definitely worth it, but only if we have the word that they are giving the money for good, not like Warner Brothers that, like mentioned before, releases a DLC for charity to give to a guys family when most of the money does not go to them.

Sorry you have to deal with that stuff, hope it all gets solved soon. Glad you are aware that overloading an extension cord like that is very dangerous. A fire would make it all worse for you, as I’m sure you are aware.


Only time will tell, and this will only get fixed when the roof is fixed, no point in fixing the electricity if water can just damage it again.

Thank you <3

Hey guys. This is Maken Tosch hailing from the Dust 514 forums (what’s left of it). Just letting you all know we are ready for Irma here in South Florida.

This isn’t my first rodeo either. I remember Hurricane Andrew like it was just yesterday (1992) and that was hell enough. I am confident that we are better prepared this time around given the experience and the lessons we learned. Governor Rick Scott of Florida has already issued mandatory evacuation to every zone along the coast as well as around Lake Okeechobee. Most of the shelters are already reaching capacity and they just announced this morning that new shelters are opening up. Most of these shelters are high schools since they were mostly built like bunkers for some reason.

Several areas are expected to experience a storm surge of 6 to 9 feet. Much of the Everglades is expected to be underwater when this is all over. For those of us who are still staying, either because of Floridian stubbornness or our area is not yet under an evacuation order, we have hunkered down and many of the homes are boarded/taped up and we expect to have no public utilities available like electricity and running water for a couple of months.

Wish us luck.




Sad to hear that. I wouldn’t recommend donating to the Red Cross. Word has already spread throughout the state and even throughout the country that they have piss poor management, less than about 36% of their own staff have any confidence left in its leadership, and almost every Veteran of Foreign Wars seems to hate them.

We recommend doing research and looking up local organizations that don’t seem to get very much in the way of credit but always get the job done and have been around for years. Those are the groups you need to donate to as they already have established ways of putting that donation much to good use.


That’s a very good idea, have the rewards and difficulty aspects be scaled per Agent level.

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2015 The Nepal Earthquake and Aftershock.


Was looking at the PLEX with a weird look, but seconds after I remembered that back then PLEX used to be just 1 item :stuck_out_tongue:

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