Hyper Relay Net, what is it? Another confusing feature? Whos making the decisions?

Even after reading the eve updates AND the marketing emails they send, I still am confused as to what it’s purpose is… what problem does this feature solve?

Who is making these decisions at CCP, Hyper Net Relay, Incursions… I mean, jesus.

Anyone care to help?

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Sating gambling addiction mostly.

Though does there need to be a problem to introduce a new feature?

What connects these two different things?


last I checked Hypernet was an optional participation feature

why remove the liberty of others to optionally participate just because you don’t want to participate in an “optional” participation feature

how would you like it if somebody started doing that on an optional feature you chose to participate in?


Features will not appeal to every community in the game.

Hypernet is popular among those who enjoy raffles and CCP takes 10% off the top so it is also a revenue source for the company.

Invasions are competitive PVE - something I personally approve of. Choices made by other players influence your outcomes. In the current event, these choices have the potential to reshape the map of New Eden. Again, you don’t need to participate if you don’t want to.

While player choices will determine the outcomes for most of the invasion systems I suspect CCP is playing a deeper game and a few outcomes are preordained. I’ll be very surprised if EDENCOM can hold Niarja no matter how hard they try!

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Nice to see you back @NickyYo

You were always masterfull at trolling. :slight_smile: You just passing by or are you back in the game?

I have not fogotten my very first corp… StarHugs

If its optional, who cares?

Yooo, ha! hopefully I can get back to the game this time, it’s difficult to know where to start when you’ve been out of it for so long. Thinking of starting Starhug back up again and picking an active system to base out of somewhere ha. Who is your main? anyway, hope you’re doing well.

No, be gone please.

The whiners care it seems

I have a corp member who always loses money in the hyper relay. Everytime he has to go and steal people’s wrecks to pay for his next fix.

CCP what have you done !

I am confused as to what systems trigs can invade. do I need to move all my stuff…please help

Wrecks dont belong to anyone.

So, how many lottery scratch cards have you bought with your taxpayer funded bailout? How much Bitcoin did you buy with it? How many Plex did it go to?

I hear that many prepaid cards are being thrown out in the US, time to check the garbage for big rewards

Read it again with a sense of humour

Write it again with a joke included then.

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Ok ya got me there 1+ like for you

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Does the HyperRelayNet allow Miners to sell their Ore without ever leaving the Belts?

I think Hypercores are for putting in jetcans.

Drop them on the floor at night and listen for the first person to use the bathroom in the morning