Hypernet and Asset Safety

Just a mental exercise but could you raise a Hypernet Relay in a structure, allow to go to low power and then after the Hypernet is complete destroy to the claim assets back? Are Hypernets voided on a structure that is Low power? I think they should be or asset safety should apply to hypernet assets in there original station after after purchase . Thoughts?

Asset safety does apply to low power structures - not abandoned structures. Hypernet is gambling - it’s up to you to do your due diligence - you will be notified if you have assets in an abandoned structure and can trigger asset safety manually.

Destroying your own 500+ million ISK structure for the 50% chance of a loot drop is also a gamble. I suppose people who play the hypernet do it for the dopamine hit when they win.

Dopamine? Really? That must be why they are called dopes.

To my knowledge, hypernets have to be done in an NPC station.

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This is correct. Hypernet raffles can not be created in player owned structures.

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