Should Pirates gamble away loot to attract repeat business?

Gone are the days of hauling loot back to a market hub! Enter, hypernet relay!

Load stolen goods into the lottery at great return! Get paid for it! Then kill the sucker who comes to get it.

If a person already gambled a few million on a 100million isk item. And won the chance at 90% profit…they are much more likely to gamble again by going into LowSec to get it.

And Pirates get a double win. Selling loot. Then bagging a kill.

There’s no way to know who will be coming for what items and how. But the increased traffic will be that much more fun!




Unless the item is just Hypernetted again for ISK… Then the pirates loose, they get NOTHING, good day, sir!

I may have misunderstood how this works?

Dont you post item…receive payment when item is auctioned off at random lottery?

How does reposting the item affect the Pirate’s initial gain?

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If the lowsec pirate hangs at the station and the buyer comes in a small fast ship he can get into station and create another auction at a lower price then destroy his cheap ship and clone back to Jita. The winner is not required to move the item he wins…
That aside it will learn people -who for some reaon buys stuff they cannot afford to loose- to use the (location)filters.
I would reccomend you start a hauling service on your alts as you will make much more hauling that stuff out and in.

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Not really lol. And the regular market isnt “global” for most players.

Hypernet is?

What I’m asking is what does that matter?

The pirate still gets the money for their auction?

Yes he does.
But that is not piracy. Piracy is downloading a car. You wouldn’t download a car, right?

I just mean there’s no loss so should be good to at least do it

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Pirate only wins if said item is won.

If item fails, pirate looses 5% of the cost (listing fee), and the cost of the hypercores used to list said item.

To win the hypernet ticket price has to be good enough to get players to bid on the raffle.

People can see what system the hypernet item is in. Most people wouldn’t bid on items in low/nullsec unless they were items that belonged there like capitals. So you loot a wreck, pay hypercores, the hypernet doesn’t complete in 3 days, and you lose said hypercores.

Better to just use the market and have a long term sell order up.

I see the OP as a ninja hypercore sales post.

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You made me cough on my rum. You horrible person you.

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