HyperNet Botting

I was wondering, is it possible to create several alts, feed them ISK and then use those alts to make the appearance of a high valued item on the Hyper Net seem like the item has a lot of paying customers but in fact the customers are merely bots?

The Botters in the game are slowly being crushed out of existence, has the HyperNet made it easier for them to bot?

Oh that’s already being done to one degree or another I’m sure. The same thing is usually true with auction contracts, so the mechanic is basically the same just different bot clicks

Please learn what the term botting actually means… thank you.

It technically is. At least is easy enough to do, app A calls click position x/y on window for app b. Auction bid bots do this on the contracts with bid increments, a hypernet bot would do the same thing on nodes.

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What for would one even bother to do this?

Chances for winning an item depend only on how many tickets were bought. They do not in any way depend on how many different people bought other tickets.

True. Just stating that it is possible, not that someone would do it. I think the bigger issue is the chat spamming bots with them really


I think that there is botting taking place, just like you said. A macro is used to make clicks or bids that shows activity. Someone comes along and bids on the item and doesn’t get it while one of the botters win the bet.

The item is recycled into another bid along with the bots and the bot scam starts all over again.

That’s not how math works. Buying your own tickets in a lottery has negative expected value, except in the scenario where the tickets have failed to sell and the lottery will end with no resolution (leaving you paying the startup fee for no return). Anyone bidding on their own items outside of this scenario is an idiot. And if they’re risking a permament ban for botting to automate their idiocy, well, TBH I’m surprised they have the mental ability to play EVE at all.

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