Hypernet Needs Tweaked and Changed

I understand ccp is trying to make money from hypercores, but, it makes no sense to require us to buy more than one hypercore for a single hypernet raffle, i think a better way of doing this is by having 4 hypercore sizes and hypercore types, have a hypercore for mods, and ship sizes, each type and sizes has a 1 time price ranger per node

mod hypercore = 1 plex
small ship = 2 plex
medium ship = 5 plex
large ship = 12 plex
capital ship = 25 plex
super caps = 100 plex

notice how is this is plex cost, not isk cost, that’s because it needs to be bought via plex only, not isk, then run the raffle for actual isk

What about super expensive mods, like officers? That transaction would only require a single plex worth of hypercore?
I think this change is unneeded, harmful, and a bit nonsensical. What problem are you trying to solve here?

PLEX is already the only way to get Hypercores, it’s just that people sell them for ISK. They are basically a perfect echo of PLEX in the economy, which is actually pretty cool.

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