Hypernet : number of hypercores needed raised again

This is the second time in a short while, the hypercore amount needed has raised. Anyone else notice this. I had just started getting used to the changes they made last time.

1 hypercore seems to be good until about 11.3 million
2 hypercores is good until about 16.9 million
3 hypercores is good until about 22.6 million
4 hypercores is until about 28.2 million

EDIT: Hypercore raised again a 3rd time

1 hypercore seems to be good until about 10.97 million
2 hypercores seems to be good until about 16.46 million
3 hypercores seems to be good until 21.95 million
4 hypercores iseems to be good until about 27.44 million

Edit: Hypercore raised a 4th time
1 hypercore seems to be good until 10.56 million
2 hypercores seem to be good until about 15.84 million
3 hypercores seem to be good until 21.12 million

When I read local and someone pushing a Hypernet offer I tend to think it is a scam.

Is that always the case or am I thinking incorrectly about those right now?


That’s not what this thread is about dude. Different topic for a different thread.

All I know is that CCP needs to be clear and direct with how many hypercores are required for a given ISK value. Without ‘hacking’ then numbers with regularity, no one knows if the growth rate is linear or not, if the numbers change over time or not, etc. Treating insurance like a black box is fine, but they need to be more transparent when it comes to Hypercores… otherwise it is substantially more difficult to plan ahead.

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in local, often overpriced, but not always.

Hypernet offers that are highlighted green when you open the link is a good deal, orange are a bad deal. That’s in general but there are some exceptions.

BTW your question is unrelated to my topic but hope I helped.


Yes, I understand they want more prominent isk sinks, but it would be nice to let us know in advance, especially since this is the twice time they have increased the hypernet amounts recently.


That looks like it’s actually dropped.

The figure I’ve seen before is 6.5 million per core (round down), minimum of 1.

That’s 5.65 million per core.

The lower amount per core, means the more cores needed for higher price because (I believe) if you made a graph the points would be closer together and it would show as a sharper incline.

I don’t think I’m wrong but I could be. All I know it is more expensive now.

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I still don’t understand why people would buy into this stuff when it’s pretty much a guaranteed loss over time. I understand the utility of this for high-profile/rare items, but for everything else, ugh.

Plus the whole “buying your own raffle” thing is just ugly.

I jumped the gun and assumed that might be a reason why the number required increase.

It’s one of the only ways to sell abyssal modules except in contracts but those are limited.

Agreed, but that would be better served by a different system anyway. One in which you could select a module and a range of stats, and then shop around for options.

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/me facepalms.


mutaplasmid.space allows you to look for modules with certain stats.

Only modules in contracts though sadly.

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Bug report it and get an official answer.

if they dropped they are doing the right thing
if it raised they are doing a stupid move
dont know the facts because i quit hipernet there is some time

Hypernet amount of hypercores raised again for the 3rd time

More ISK sink = more PLEX sale. Simple RMT business model CCP follows.

I understand that and it makes sense, why not release an update or patch notice?

if they raise the cores to much people will stop and the system will fail
no one will pay 1 bil for 50% change to get 1 bil item

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Hypercores are bought with Plex and Plex prices have fallen. If you think of the cores as another percentage based tax then you should need more cores for a given raffle value since cores also have fallen in value with Plex.

Perhaps there was no update and the cores per raffle value was never fixed but based on the price of Plex and periodically updated to be in line.

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