Remove hypercores from the hypernet : use plex instead

Remove this whole hypercore idea, and let people directly use plex to start the hypernet offer.

Keeping the hypercores as a secondary currency will be the same issue as with aurum.
They are not needed, they introduce useless complexity, they require additional mechanisms for devs therefore additional bugs, UI elements, and maintenance.


No no, it’s not useless. It helps obscuring the real money part of the feature which is important for marketing to kids/parents and for potential lawsuits. Also to call it “trade” instead of the correct term “raffle”, is part of this.


Plex has the same value of “being bought either on market or with RL money”. I mean, just because it’s not plex does not mean it’s not real money, because in the end it needs real money somewhere to be bought. So it does not “obscure” anything, it’s very clear that real money is required to create an offer.

I agree that it’s not a trade, but a raffle, just because CCP wants to use the incorrect term does not change what it is. I agree that calling it “trade” in the article, when it’s actually a raffle, is dishonest from CCP but that’s not the issue here.

The issue is that functionally it’s the same as plex, and later it will have to be removed, just like the aurum. I think it’s worth spending another week on the feature, to remove the parts that will later create issues (the hypercore).

If you don’t want simple minds (aka the target audience of the feature) directly jumping from A to B, throw some steps in between.


Yeah but then it’s not use in the case of laws.

I don’t mind gambling, though I never used it IRL (I always do the evaluation before and if I am at loss I don’t - so IRL I never do it).
However for things that don’t have a price, like AT ships, or other limited edition items, this mechanism may be of use (I don’t know).

I mean the hypercore, as a currency, are a bad mechanism for the players. And for the devs.
I’m pretty sure CCP already set their mind, so no point talking about the morality. But the implementation is bad , and will cost them more in the long term, both in terms of players and in dev time required.

I’m not sure how Hypernets only for Plex solves anything. Injectors are bought for Plex on NES and traded on markets all over EVE, that doesn’t seem overly complex for people. They’re not a new currency, they’re a new game item which can be originally bought for Plex and then traded for ISK.

If Hypernets are started with Plex only, I suppose it might help the Plex traders a bit. However with Hypercores as a tradeable-for-ISK product that means people can track and follow that market separately without having that data buried in the Plex trade market.

It doesn’t seem to make much difference either way complexity wise, and I am unlikely to ever trade in that market. Still, I would prefer to see the trade data for Hypercores as a separate item on the market.

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And they have a usage different than “being a currency”.
The sole role of hypercores is to be a currency.

The price of hypercores will adjust to the price of plex. Just like extractors.

My proposal is not to make the same market. It is to remove the hypercores.

The section is for feature ideas.

Except it does not fit the features.

"This is the place for the community to suggest features and changes for EVE Online. "

I don’t want to change eve online ; I want to change an incoming feature before it lands.

You can pretty much ignore Ravid, he was obviously frustrated from his ambition to be hall-and-bus monitor as a child and now wanders around threads trying to be the Thread Police. He probably thinks someday an ISD will notice and promote him to Junior Forum Scout or something.

the hypernet relay will have some benefits… as you mentioned, AT ships can be traded on there most likely, as can BPC’s and Abyssal Mods.

I’m not discussing the whole hypernet, just the fact that you need to use hypercores, which come from plex, and thus should instead use plex directly.

Agreed, plex could fill exactly the same purpose that hypercores are supposed to fulfill.

The only reasons to use hypercores instead of plex that I can see are:

  1. Added (unnecessary) complexity, which may hide the fact that you’re using plex
  2. Easier for CCP to change the entry price to start raffles by changing the hypercore price in the store
  3. HyperNet Relay using ‘HyperCores’ maybe sounds more interesting than when it’s using plex

In the end, the price of the hypercores will be dictated by the price of plex and everyone knows we’re paying with plex, so please get rid of this redundant currency.

This is how tech companies circumvent the law.

It’s “paid ride sharing” not “taxi”.

Paint them all yellow I say :crazy_face:

There’s a big problem with that.
Plex are worth around 3.3 million right now.

So that’s a minimum of 3.3 million per raffle.

Hyper cores can be less than that, meaning a smaller fraction of small raffles can be eaten up by them. If you go and look around in the main thread, you’ll see a mention of a 10 to 1 ratio. So a hyper core would be worth around 330k isk.

With the other values which have been worked out, assuming nothing changes, that’s around a 5% charge.

It’ll make raffles of around 15 million entirely viable.


ok so hypercores are a way to make plex more granular.

What about reducing the granularity of plex again, or group offers until they cost at least eg 2 plex ?

Or simply … well, CCP_round up the required value of plex required ? so any offer up to 66 M will require a plex, offers up to 132M require 2, etc…

Or we could just call them poker chips and be done with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You don’t gamble with them.
You create a raffle with them. That’s it.

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Hahahaha…great thread. :roll_eyes: