HyperNet Relay Welcomes Scammers 🎫

So CCP figured out how to funnel the profits back to themselves. Maybe they played the long game on this one…

Better them than some random player on the internet. At least CCP having profits means the game is funded and devs salaries are paid. CCP made the game, it’s their IP and it’s their duty to protect the use of their IP, especially from 3rd parties monetizing it without permission.

That is funded by players. No?

Like with every product, we are customers that pay for it, then product can be delivered.

As a player you have no say in what CCP does with their IP, other than to not pay for their product if you don’t like it, and you certainly don’t have the right to make money from CCP’s IP without their permission.

I think all is fair as CCP lets players enjoy the game without having to pay for it.

Working as intended…

Cripes, these new players. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Я думаю если другого не умеют пусть машеничают) на то и игра)

Wrong forum.

Oh my God, dude.

Your butthurt, does it know no bounds?

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This is my first thought, though it IS preferable to Somer in the same way that PLEX is preferable to RMTers.

I still think that having a lottery mini-game in this spaceship MMO is stupid.

That is pretty much how raffles work in the real world.

As for the part about how their character buys a bunch of the tickets and wins, well losing is part of the gamble with raffles and as long as the raffle is legit then no harm no foul as the slots were paid for to be able to participate.

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Sometimes I win.

Sometimes I loose.

What matters is that I’m having fun on the HyperNet Relay.

The crazy part is when I forget to check the item’s location before I play. It’s been fun flying to regions I have never been to before.