I <3 Jita

Hello one night I thought of a very simple and strange idea that would be funny to see in the game and maybe even the real merchandise store.
I<3 Jita apparel clothing accessories hats etc.

It would be a funny concept to see the same city merchandise like I <3 NYC I <3 LA etc… in the game and not sure if anyone would really buy that shirt out of game but certainly in the apparel store.
I see jita is getting bigger the 4-4 undock with more features to make it seem like a real “city”
In the past i had ideas of the creating “urban” maps city sprawl of jita metro about 5js around it.
Kind of difficult but interesting the culture and wave of this crazy wall street like place.

Anyways thanks for reading you may hop into the I <3 jita channel though I will post in my bio in game.

As expensive as EVE gear already is, I’m pretty sure people would rather drop a buttload of money for faction/EVE-logo themed stuff than I :heart: Jita stuff. At least they look cool, whereas anyone looking at you wearing the shirt, for example, would neither think the design is cool nor know what the hell Jita is, and it wouldn’t exactly be very promotional for EVE either. It might turn potential players away if they see some dweebs walking around in those shirts or driving around sporting those bumper stickers :grimacing: .

It’s am amusing thought, but -1 for being neither practical nor desirable :-1:

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Bro it’s a shirt.

The guy is suggesting a shirt.

It takes barely any time for CCP to open up microsoft paint and slap on a “I <3 JITA” on a t-shirt to sell for 50 plex…

CCP - don’t listen to lazy people like Archer.

Literally just crap talks this guys cool idea for Jita shirts.

Also the way you use emojis is pretty pathetic. @Archer_en_Tilavine

I was talking in reference to RL merchandise, which OP mentioned twice. It’s expensive to produce and maintain a line of RL items for which are inherently expensive and for which the demand is low.

I :heart: Jita shirts in NES are fine.

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