I am bad

There are a lot of things I don’t know about this game that make me a bad player. I have a question about one; what is SPC?

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Maybe Single Player Corporation? :thinking:

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SPC isn’t a common acronym in the game, so to add context, can you use it in a sentence where you’ve seen it?

A scout telling a FC to check SPC.

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No idea. Station Player Count? Scouting P-something Channel? Super Powered Citadels?

Checked here, no luck: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/EVE_Lexicon


Superior Portuguese Chickens


lol maybe I’m not as bad as I thought



Who’s Bad?


Might be referring to SCP, as in that website where they have all the fake spooky stuff. Maybe they are telling the FC about a spooky scary skeleton latching on to his ship?

Most likely an in game scout channel being used by the fleet, or by the Corp/Alliance as a way to report what scouts are finding, to help maintain opsec and avoid the intel leaking out through spies.

I am, I’m bad at this game. But I appreciate the game for what it is.

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Maybe it was about CSPA charge, only spelled wrong. It’s a mail setting to block unknown characters.

I would love EVE loads more if it stood for Storm Prediction Center

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Lol why portuguese?

You could …
… just ask him.

This sounds like you have heard something on coms and were afraid of appearing dumb or unknowing.

Just in case …

When you are afraid of asking questions, because you believe them to be dumb, then you will eventually stop asking questions altogether. That means you will stay dumb. Forever. In EVE it is absolutely fundamental to ask even the possibly stupidest questions and anyone making fun of you for this is just a sat, stupid, wannabe elite wet towel.

When there were people in your past, who made fun of you for asking “dumb questions”, then you can rest assured that they were far dumber than you could ever be.

Anyhow, I have no answer to this. I must ask you to contact whoever came up with this, or the next best guy, ask him, and then post his response here.

Now we all need to know!

Rana! o7

Dude! :slight_smile: o/

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Super pork chops
I’m hungry

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