[I-BLU] Intaki-Business Logistics Union ROE update

Following the enactment by the CONCORD Assembly of the amendment to the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110 (CEMWPA) to allow direct enlistment in militias by individual pilots, the Intaki-Business Logistics Union (I-BLU) has issued guidance to our pilots, some of which may be relevant to some readers of this board (IGS Readers).

  1. I-BLU member corporations are free to decide their own militia whitelists. Diplomatic engagement by IGS Readers regarding militia activities should be addressed to our members. Chatelain Auxiliary Response is happy to act as a liaison but accepts no responsibility.

  2. Subject to paragraph 4, I-BLU pilots enlisted with opposing militias are free to engage each other in the relevant war zone. It is possible that IGS Readers may find themselves in a fleet with I-BLU pilots fighting against other I-BLU pilots. Chatelain Auxiliary Response accepts no responsibility for losses arising out of any related confusion or hesitation.

  3. Subject to paragraph 4, I-BLU pilots enlisted with a militia are free to engage those enlisted in opposing militia, even if those targets have positive standings at alliance level (blues). IGS Readers with agreed blue standings with I-BLU should check their overview settings to ensure that hostile militia ranks above blues, so you can see I-BLU pilots who may be attacking you. Chatelain Auxiliary Response accepts no responsibility for losses arising out of any failure to adjust settings as necessary.

  4. Paragraphs 2 and 3 only apply inside relevant CEMWPA war zones. In particular, I-BLU pilots should not engage blues enlisted in opposing militia outside the relevant war zone. Although Chatelain Auxiliary Response accepts no responsibility for incidents of this nature, we would be grateful to receive reports of any such behaviour and will make reasonable efforts to broker a resolution.

Our current guidance is in keeping with both I-BLU’s philosophy of limiting restrictions on our member’s actions to our area of operations in Syndicate and with the Intaki Syndicate’s neutral political position. The guidance may be amended, if the Intaki Syndicate becomes directly involved in conflict with any other entity in New Eden.


I am glad to see people who do respect that loyalty to the State is above loyalty to some sort of capsuleer organization.

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Thank you Commander Kim. You are correct in that our union seeks to respect all our members’ individual loyalties within the (very permissive) framework of what is acceptable to our hosts in the Intaki Syndicate.


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