I cant anchor a raitaru and idk why

i want to anchor a raitaru i c1:
-my character is a ceo
-nothing is near
-its not a shattered hole
-i have anchoring 2

and yet i still cant do it

Can you describe what you are doing and exactly where in the process you experience a problem? My best guess at this point is that you’re trying to anchor it too close to yourself.

when i try to “launch it for corporation” it says that external “factors are not allowing me to anchor this structure”, so i dont even get to choose a spot

Is the nearest celestial body a moon?

safe spot, close to off dscan

I have no idea, then. As far as I can determine only Thera and shattered wormholes are off limits, and I’ve never encountered this error when anchoring anything of my own. If practical, I’d check to see if I could launch it in another system to rule out any configuration issues, though CEO’s shouldn’t have any. It could be a transient issue, or there could be a bug, if the location is valid. You can also try submitting a support ticket to see what they say.

my mistake it was shattered, but it wasnt c13, i thought all shattered were tagged as c13, apparently not

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