I just finished anchoring my first station last night. I cannot for some reason get it to allow pilots to dock at the station

I am new to owning a corporation and a raitaru (? spelling) station. I cannot figure out how to set the station up so that pilots can dock at the station. I have a lot of friends in the game that would like to dock at my new station, but I don’t know what setting(s) need to be changed or how to change them so that pilots can dock at my station. This is very frustrating to me.

I have tried adding Access Lists - just generic ones, like Everyone, Corporations, and Agents, thinking this was needed to allow pilots to dock at my station, but it is not working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to try to get this setup and working today, if possible. I would think it should be something simple to do, and not require any more skill training.

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Google “setting up Raitaru in EvE”. You can probably refine the search even more. This is what I had to do the first time I set up a station. You should be able to find several very helpful videos on youtube.

Next try …

@all mercs: I want this Raitaru to go, please make your serious offers.

It’s located in Lirsautton about 1M kilometers from Meves gate towards the sun (Mining Adventures Cooperative), and reinforcement date/time is Saturday 10:00 Eve time.

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why you want to kick his space hut down so hard?

Perhaps it’s as simple as resisting the mold-like overproliferation of citadels.

Also, communication:

Why not?

BTW, no merc put their hats in the ring. EvE is dead.

Eve has been dying since 2011, damn thing just won’t bleed out.

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