Ships stuck in hangar

(Eleanor D'Oblige) #1

So I’ve returned to EVE after a couple of years. The moment I wanted to undock from the station I was docked in, I got a message saying that I couldn’t return to that station because I am not affiliated with the Alliance that owns the station. The problem is that I used to be friendly with whichever alliance owned the station in the past and even used it as my base. So now I’ve got a few ships and supplies stuck there as I can’t return to pick them up. Is there anyway to relocate my ships or are they lost until I can get that alliance to help me?

(Kousaka Otsu Shigure) #2

You can contact Support about this, and they will let you choose a ship loaded with all your goodies to be respawned somewhere else.

Do a quick search of old posts of topics like this, and you’ll get other feedback on how it goes.

(Donnachadh) #3

Have you tried contacting the corp / alliance that owns the station?

(Memphis Baas) #4

As above, you can try to contact the corp that owns the station to establish a deal with them; don’t assume they’ll just shoot you. A lot of them are friendly enough that they’ll let you depart in peace.

Or if that doesn’t work, create a support ticket with CCP and they will teleport 1 ship with everything you can fit in it, to the nearest lowsec public station, for you. CCP will usually only do 1 ship, so if you have multiple ships you’ll probably have to sell them via the market at the station or via contracts.