I cant take it anymore?

Im fermenting garlic and it smells in the entire apartment. Why am i doing this? Garlic already has good shelf life. Bye.

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!

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Thank god.

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I chew raw garlic and had never thought about placing fresh garlic inside a jar and just wish to see the point.

Could you please share a picture?

Do you make a garlic paste for basting?

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I dont know what basting is, im fermenting for fun but it also seems practical to have cloves of garlic ready on demand since they are already peeled and so on. they also stay fresh longer and supposedly they become more nutritious

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I assume this is accurate considering it is foodstuff you are talking about:

Google: basting meaning

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interesting. i avoid heating up garlic because it supposedly destroys the nutrients that make garlic what it is

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The thing is down under folks know how to BBQ and we use a brush and we don’t pour fat on our spits.

/You could place the whole Bulb of Garlic on the BBQ and once cooked, Take the garlic and squeeze out the paste to use as your basting putty, then cover the lamb using a brush.

// better still use a branch of rosemary as the brush, We have trees of rosemary growing every back yard!


fair dinkum mate and had you tried chewing raw garlic?

It helps the liver recover from the amount of alcohol we consume daily

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I respectfully disagree. Recovery comes from stopping doing the thing that lead to damage and not by continuing doing the damage and then doing something else as well :slight_smile:

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I’m just giving some facts about how raw garlic helps the liver recover

My point is that some/most people think they can just have unhealthy habits as long as they counter it with some healthy habits or pills. But thats not how it really works. The unhealthy habit is is still unhealthy even if you are doing something healthy as well.


Considering my average of pure alcohol per day, chewing garlic is my preferred way of managing my liver function.

I am sure your method of fermenting garlic in a jar does hold some interest with my thoughts and thinking of trying that this week.

/Just looked it up it is the selenium that detoxes the liver

// btw not particularly happy with myself

Garlic for the win!

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