I can't wait to get off work and play EvE

I have noticed a large number of today’s posts are incoherent, or just not worth responding to at all.

So instead, I wanted to say that I can’t wait to get off work, and get all my chores for the day done so I can do some plexing for the glorious Minmatar Militia!

EvE is by far my favorite MMO. I have “won” EvE several times, and always end up coming back to it.

What are you going to do today (or what have you already done?)


EVE is my only MMO


I can’t wait for this DOMS to be gone so I can hit it hard in the gym again and then stuff my face full of steak. Vidya games are cool too I guess.

Leveling my priest until the grind makes my brain explode and I can uninstall that boring carrot on a stick mmo.

Nothing for today , but I can hardly wait for the x-mas holiday when I’ll have time on my hands and subscribe again for 3/6 months , depending on what offer there will be.
Meanwhile I’m having a blast as an alpha and omega in the weekend with the new weekend omega pack . While it’s true that the numbers are down , I find the game to be quite healthier . It’s all about quality , not numbers !

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Well as of this post I moved my Incursion Kronos, Checked my Robotics PI in WH space, and did some abyssal t3 sites.

Going to buy some boosters and ammo for my kronos this week and make ISK with incursions while keeping my PI topped off.

I have a lot of time atm as it’s fall break and I start my last two courses for my associates degree next week.

I am just chilling, getting through online college. having fun plexing and talking to my friends in EVE/RL. Life is great. Cannot wait to end my EVE career gracefully in about two years. :grin:

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Sitting here pumping that black gold out of the ground that 99% of the world can’t live without. But I’ll fire up EVE when I get home. I can usually play at work, but today isn’t one of those days…

Seems like you need a wife.

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Are you offering yourself to him, just like that in front of everybody? :grin:


:slight_smile: I have a wife, kid, and three cats. They are the ones that generate most of the chores that I have to get done before I am able to play!

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Oh, I missed that, err sorry @Ashley_Crane, your profile is lovely, but I’m already claimed.

Definitely loving EVE lately. Spent the past week or so helping make life miserable for GalMil, you know the usual, the sacking of Indregull, the sacking of Abune etc, cracking trig data sites, getting those sweet loyalty points for my new Fleet of Battle Herons. Had some big wins, stupid losses and even a daring “oh ■■■■, I’m in stucture" escape from a pirate hellcamp with my alliance members cheering me on. Throw in a little PI and industry for flavor and all in all good times.

Needless time sink…

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The first thing they demand is that you spend less time playing Eve, so they are completely counterproductive.


Cool wives would make an EVE account and gank with you, or at least check on your PI while you’re at work…

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A good goat will do that.

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cope harder

that’s what a cool wife would do… but a regular wife would spy on you and your corps just to know if the other women on coms are sluts and trying to steal her man


Go through and itemize all my assets on all my alts…

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Setting up yet another new alt. At this rate half the people in Eve will soon be me.

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