I don't think i'm doing this right

(yellow parasol) #1

first of all am i being forced into typing in portrait mode, on my android in chrome, which is horrible to type with!

i have issues others have in landscape mode, like not seeing the text i’m typing.

and then there’s posting.

i see a comic of a man watching a globe (the world) burn, while eating popcorn. thanks, Vortexo. it is absolutely hilarious, so i Liked his post and replied to it.

Then I scrolled further down and noticed that my post added to the end, so i thought i had somehow responded to the wrong guy!?

But I didn’t. Scrolled up again and noticed “2 Replies”, clicked it and saw my post right underneath his.

So… I think i’m doing this wrong, because anyone scrolling down, reading posts, will just get confused by reading tons of comments that apparently lack any context?!

for the redditors among you: instructions unclear, did i just jump? FC wat do??


(Tikari Ishin) #2

When you hit the reply to button on someone elses post their post is also available for viewing as an extension to your post. So even if your reply is added to the bottom you can access the context in both locations.

Here’s an example from one of my other posts where I replied to someone:

And to see the post I replied to a reader would only have to click the name.

(Drizzd) #5

The problem with this is … OTHER readers overlook the reply-part easily … and lose track of the hierarchy of posts and answers

(yellow parasol) #6

wow, I tapped the name on the image … :expressionless:

anyhow, i grew no wiser…

(Tikari Ishin) #7

Okay so here’s an image of your reply to my post:

and here’s another image of your reply to my post after I clicked my name on it:

Does that make it easier? ^^
I also went ahead and logged on to my phone just to confirm it looks more or less the same. :slight_smile:

(yellow parasol) #8

Thanks! i’ve been posting around with personal replies a bit right now.

your image helps. it killed the question…

the thing is apparently that this forum is multidimensional, instead of linear like the old one. i first assumed its linear and got thrown off completely.

i really don’t think that displaying replies at the end is a wise choice. removing that and having replies intended (yay python) would help readability!

But First I gotta adapt. i can still complain afterwards, i guess :smiley:

(Tikari Ishin) #9

Happy to help!

(yellow parasol) #10

wow, who marked this as solved? i was looking for that!