I feel bad for the people who have to train for 90 days

How is that relevant in any way to this discussion. You werdios and wanting to know peoples rl personal finances is not cool at all. Must be all that robbing you psychopaths do, breaks your mind.

I didn’t steal or sneak any ones money to pay eve for thier services. Unlike your self I dont enjoy stealing peoples things. Why is it you want to know anyways? You one of them Russians that like to steal peoples credit cards?

You could of just asked, I don’t lie, cheat or steal unlike 50 percent of the people here. Just because you live in a world of paranoid madness, of lies, and cheats doesn’t mean I do.

You have this silly idea in your newbie head that people here pay for their subscriptions with ISK generated from PVP.

I said this before, PVP is a isk SINK, not a FAUCET.

A lot of people in this game pay for several accounts with RL’s money, and probably spend far more than you have spent in your ganked character just to bring him up to date with injectors.
Or do you think you are the only person in EVE who has discovered extractors / injectors? In order to pay for a subscription with ISK, you need to buy PLEX - the only way to seed PLEX into the game is if someone buys them with RL money.

Your problem is you have spent a lot of money to top up your char’s SP, but you lack the experience and knowledge to know how the economy works. The fact you want a shop selling every ingame item for money shows how much you know about the game and its idiosyncrasy.

Let’s go over the killmail that started all this. Yours. Did you see the “dropped” category? That’s what you dropped - only 13m isk. That’s what was available for your killers to take. Two people. 6.5m isk each. Do you think you can earn your monthly sub with such numbers from PVP? Don’t be naive.

Anything is possible in this game if you can adjust your expectations with reality and put in the effort required to gain the experience you need. You can’t be disappointed unless you tried to be.

New players have this misconception that it is easy to use ISK to buy PLEX to pay for Omega Time. Older players have the misconception that CCP actually needs their money.

Doing more and working harder doesn’t guarantee results. CCP is a very successful developer, they have learned how to gain the most from less, for better or worse.

You as the player should learn to do the same.

A foundational part of what gives games like Eve the label “sandbox” is that the players are given an opportunity to create their own challenges and goals, and then play the game with those as the “end game”. As others mentioned, role playing is involved in a lot of that. Overall there are a large number of things that can be done for enjoyment in Eve, and none of them have any form of pathology as a pre-requisite (ok, maybe P.I. does).
If you are not able to create your own means of enjoying Eve Online by creating those goals and challenges that do entertain you, then you will find Eve Online to be boring, no matter how much money and/or time you throw at it.

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