I feel bad for the people who have to train for 90 days

So after playing for a few weeks, I see the trick now haha. People have to spend so long mindlessly grinding when they actually get the ship even if what they were gonna do with it sucks and makes no money, they just do it anyways cause they invested so long in trying to get there.

So far I skipped to freighter which is stupid, really bad contracts risk of losing 4 to 9 bil and is super boring. So I went to mining which in high sec is super boring and I didn’t do that for more than 5 mins. So I skipped to cloaked miners to try low sec, which turned out stupid because every astorid place was empty due to npc miners which I have no idea what they are, but probably some kind of corporation thing.

So then I tried worm holes and o God that is just worthless lol, u get like 2 mil every 30 mine, its worse than lvl 1 missions.

So now I’m on to relic sites, but they don’t look that great according to reddit, I like to see for my self though, but all these things if I had to grind it would of took me God like a year or more staring at the wall.

Vs like 300 bucks which is literally less than a days work lol.

Now if I invested a year to try and be able to do freighters and they were that bad, I would of probably been like well I gotta stick it out I spent a year grinding for it haha. While I spent another 60 days trying to grind for new skills to find out worm hole and low sec mining suck.

So it looks like to me the only real profitable thing is to murder people, which isn’t fun for me. I dont enjoy stealing people’s things. Pvp looks stupid atleast from what I seen, even if you spent the 300 which isn’t even enough to make the skill. All it is, is 90 percent of the time catching some one who hasn’t got a clue which is dumb. Then the rest is just over numbering people who can’t fight back due to little numbers, and maybe .1 percent is those huge fair battles I hear tales about lol.

All in all tho people who have to actually figure this stuff out because they have to bring for 4 billions hours, I feel bad, its like a trap lol.


Working as intended I think

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You could

  • Learn to station trade.
  • Haul-trade.
  • Long-term trade.
  • Manufacture stuff from low cost raw materials you trade on the market, sell at a profit.
  • Set up a player owned structure for raw materials which you can sell or manufacture later.
  • Create a corporation, have your members acquire raw materials and buy them from them at a lower market rate than Jita’s, then sell on the market for profit (that’s the secret of all the “we buy your materials for 80% buy order price” corp ads - they are basically telling u they rob you of 20% of the value of what you create).
  • I dont do this myself, but I’ve heard high-end PVE content pays very well.

And I dont PVP, but I don’t think many people PVP for $$$$, it’s just for “fun”. It’s a money sink, not a faucet.

Hauling requires a huge investment if you are a newish player, many people do it just for the kicks. It’s not the best thing to get into if you are a new player.


Yep it definitely is kinda funny the game in and of it self is a trap.

Yep I could im getting there, there is many things to do. I was just saying it would of sucked to actually have to grind that stuff for years to find out I thought it was stupid, and watching YouTube and reading guides def doesn’t, atleast for me, let me know if I’m gonna like it or not.

As for pvp being fun each to thier own I guess, pvp in this game as far as ship combat goes isn’t fun to me. I dont enjoy attacking people who don’t want to be attacked, and the people who do always travel in groups so I have 0 chance to defeat groups of people by my self.

Pvp in a video that is fun for me is like heroes of the storm 5vs5 where money, ingame skills, or knowing 10 people doesn’t help you at all, it is just how good u play. Free for all battle royals are kinda fun to.

CCP keeps nerfing the indy side of the game.

lol dude you are so wrong
eve is about real life skills not paper skills
wormhole for example , its 8 million per open site c1 , 15 million c2, 45 million c3
you can do they really fast if you are prepared and know what you are doing
im a veteran , i dont pay to play, i can play for free doing MANY activities
i learned a lot and i do my isk doing what i like to do
e never used a skill injector in my life
learn to play , don’t pay and btw dont spred lies of the forum

fly safe o7


You still can do the first one, not as well as before, but the option still is there.
Haul trade is there too. You just need to follow market fluctuations in hubs and haul & trade when the price difference is good. Actually im doing it as I write :smiley:

have you ever stoped to ponder
why this game have 15 years + ?
why this game have a loyal following ?
why some people say this game is the best space mmo ever made??
maybe … just maybe … I’m wrong …


I’ve trained for 6370 days. What you should feel bad about is PTW. CCP said they would NEVER go away from real-time training. Yet, here we are.


People who have a functional brain realize very early on that EVE Online isn’t a single player game, hook up with corporations and alliances and learn all of this from their fellow players who have cumulatively more knowledge than any new player could hope to discover on their own in their first year of playing.

Yeah cause they can’t actually do anything haha. Thr company must love people like you, you string the new people on, telling them stories of what maybe they can do in years, if they suck up to u enough lol. But it doesn’t take jack anything to figure out this game stop saying that.

I never went into low sec before and figured out that I could microwave before cloak and almost instant warp to a alignment with out getting targeted. Now a new person wouldn’t even be able to attempt any of that for like 6 months. So all you corporation people do is get them to do your garbage duty haha and pretend you are all high and mighty cause u sat staring blankly at a screen longer than they did.

You can’t even play 99 percent of the game for literal years if you do it your way.

As I said tho I feel bad for u guys haha took u like 5 years, literally took me 10 mins, and a day worth of work.

Also eve definitely is not a group game at all, and people who play it like that are the ones with out brains. You literally have to be some one bic if you join most of these corporations. Out right slaves in others. So the people with out brains are the mindless zombies taking orders from people in video game haha.

As a solo player u can do everything minus being in those lame corporation battles, which are beyond stupid and laggy. Only stupid people want to be ordered around like a dog.

Thats not even getting into all the scam artists and those people don’t do it in groups either.

So don’t give me that nonsense calling me stupid because I would rather solo, and you want to take orders.

I’m a solo player

Haha its not hate, its more like hmmmm a trap and a addiction. If you can’t afford your addiction its even more of a trap.

game is good bro
yeah there is people that do it like a job
and thats bad

You already missed the point and chances are your whole life is full of the same mistake.
Rather than do it in Eve like you do everywhere else, maybe you should take a different track and just enjoy yourself WHILE training?
How about that novel idea? Try not to have a stroke.


Anything that is easy, dumb and low risk will not pay well because everyone is doing it.

To make more isk you have to either do things on a bigger scale, or do it smarter or take more risks.

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Or just take stuff from the weak and/or stupid.

Mining worm holes is not low risk its just low isk, and huge risk

Lol don’t be mad i got everything in 10 mins and u had to grind for 7 years it will be alright. I’m not gonna lie to me my self and pretend staring at asteroids blow up is fun, or the early mission. There is nothing at all fun in this game till you can fly better ships. I dont enjoy killing people and robbing them, so that is never going to be fun to me.

Your nonsense is like saying well I’m poor and can only buy a 4 wheel that is a pain to start barely runs and has so many problems, but I am gonna enjoy my self, with u being mad at the other guy who has a side by side with heat and air conditioning.

I would not of played this game if I had to sit and stare at nothing for 2 years before I could do the things I wanted.