I have lost my first Corax

i’m a new pilot, an alpha clone pilot. I’ve been doing missions for a week and earn quite enough for three destroyer; and i head straight for the corax( can’t resist the beauty of her) and flew her for some ratting in low sec.
everything was perfect at first and i earn more than i expect, so i named her (my corax) Shansha and flew deeper in the lower sec. yep i doing good with a little bit scratch on her, got quite a bunch of isk.
And then when i hit my Dscan, i realize that i was surrounded by an unknow 5 pilots fleet! There was two destroyers, 1 frigate and two cruisers. I know that it’s ain’t gonna be pretty for me so i try to warp out but i can’t cuz they scrambled me. I was so panic cuz i’ve never get into any fight like that; and i then realize that the only ways we can get out is head for a fight for living.
Yep my Shansha can’t stand a chance, i blew a destroyer while watching they tearing my girl in to pieces. I’ve try to shoot them with everything i got, all my missles can’t even penetrate through the cruiser shield; their beams and bullet are all over me!
Then i soon know that i’ll lose my girl soon so i cross my fingers and fly her straight to one of their destroyer; it was an act of desperate but yh i get through that destroyer hull but it still there…
And what ever come come, i say good bye to Shansha and watch her explode with nothing i can do… i was filled with so much emotion back there ; but i put it away and try to warp out cuz i know those blood thirster ain’t gonna stop after blow up my girl. I survive but i miss my Shansha. i bought a Moa now and i’m gonna get to low sec with my pvp fleet, i’m gonna make them pay for my Shansha…
:3 hope so…


Good read :slight_smile: I like that you did not come here to rage about the game because you died.

If you’d like to learn a bit about survival in lowsec give me a shout. Hope you get your revenge :smiley:

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yh sure but all i know is safe spot and unstop Dscan :v still learning

Safespots are a great start, and Dscan is your best friend. Did you know you can narrow the Dscan search area to “point” it at different areas to scan them for ships? Dscan faces which ever way the camera is facing, so you don’t have to turn your ship to face anything.

Either way, get hold and we’ll go for a roam or something.


Hi Krall,

I’m sorry about Shansha.

But, I’m glad you’re taking this loss as an opportunity to learn more about EVE Online.

There are two things you should know: firstly, when two ships collide in space, neither takes damage. Instead, they simply bounce off one another at a reflected angle (a function of the polarity of their shields, perhaps).

Secondly, even if you can afford a cruiser or two now, I would suggest you start by flying a solid Tech I frigate (like the Merlin, for example) as you learn more about player versus player in the game. That way, you’ll feel comfortable losing ships.

Fly safe!

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No, it’s far more interesting than that. I won’t try to explain it here, but it was explained in detail at last Fanfest. It’s up on YouTube, if you’re interested.


Thank you for sharing this story with us and welcome to New Eden!
Very glad you are still with us after your first loss - And yes, make them pay :smiling_imp:

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Destroyers are designed to kill frigates. Your Sansha didn’t have more defenses (shields, armor) than a frigate, it just had more frigate-sized weapons. The idea with destroyers is to hit hard and kill the frigates before they have a chance to shoot back or escape.

Cruisers are a main “combat” ship and they have a balance between the number of guns (or missiles) and the amount of defense (shields, armor). In a head-to-head cruiser vs. cruiser battle, they’ll both slug it out and be able to take the punishment, until the balance of the fight changes (friends arrive, or one of them runs out of capacitor juice, or out of ammo, or other such events).

When you aimed your Sansha at that enemy cruiser, you basically picked the one ship that was armored enough to negate the “many frigate-sized guns” advantage that your destroyer had (wrong target to pick). From the cruiser’s point of view, he could shoot down your (frigate-level) armor and shields very fast, and be able to absorb the damage you did.

With the Moa, you’ll have to pay attention to the “defenses” part of your cruiser, and “defenses” in this game typically consist of the following:

  1. Pick either Armor or Shields, depending on whether your ship has many low slots or many mid slots, and once you’ve picked it, maximize it. The reason is because enemies will shoot you with everything they have, they won’t hold back, so you have to put “everything you have” into the one defense (armor or shields) that you’re going to use. It’s better to have one strong armor than to have weak shields and weak armor.

  2. You need a “repair” module (shield booster or armor repairer), “resistance” modules (shield hardeners, armor hardeners or energized armor plating), and optionally a hitpoints module (shield extender, armor plates). As far as the capacitor juice that’s required to keep the repairs going, for PVP you don’t need to last forever, just longer than the enemy. If you encounter energy neutralizers / electronic warfare, look at adding a capacitor booster with batteries that you can pop like pills to give yourself more juice during the fight.

The Moa won’t be an agile bird. Cruisers aren’t bricks like battleships are, but still you won’t be able to chase frigates or destroyers around the neighborhood. So, you need to make a decision, long range or short range? for your weapons. For long range you use railguns, for short range you use blasters.

If you fit long range, frigates will be able to get close and orbit you like wasps, and your guns won’t be able to track them / turn around fast enough to hit them. You’ll need help in the form of a stasis webifier (slows the enemy ship down), drones (Moa has a small complement), or friends in frigates or destroyers to help “screen” you from the enemy frigates.

If you fit short range, you’ll zap any frigate that gets close, but they’re faster than you and they can stay at range and “kite” you. You’ll again need friends to go tackle them and keep them still so you can get close and blap.

So, with this post, I wanted to give you an idea of why this game isn’t quite suited for solo gameplay. Each ship forces you to make decisions, and you’ll have glaring weaknesses that require a fleet to support you, to cover those weaknesses. EVE is a strategy combat game; you have to be smart and pick your fights and know when to GTFO because the situation matches all of your ship’s weaknesses and none of its strengths.


Something seems weird:

  • Players show up in local chat when they are in system.
  • Ships show up on d-scan when they are within 14.3AU. (About 2100000000km)
  • Ships show up on your overview when they are “on grid”, which is within about 5000km. (You will notice them on overview at this distance, while they are still in warp. Their landing point might be a lot closer, but while they are still in warp/landing, they cannot do anything and so you are free to warp off.)
  • Ships can point you when they are within 28km
  • Ships can scram you when they are within 10km

So there is a HUGE distance to cover between them showing up on d-scan, between them showing up on overview, and them landing on top of you. The fact that you saw them on d-scan but couldn’t warp because they scrammed you tells me:

  1. You weren’t watching local, allowing them to enter system without you noticing.
  2. You weren’t d-scanning often enough, allowing them to cover 14.3 AU without you noticing.
  3. You weren’t watching your overview, allowing them to land and get in point/scram range without you noticing.
    Each one can be a fatal mistake, by itself.
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Good post, Memphis. Just one thing: IIRC the OP said that by time he realized what was happening, it was too late to bug out. I dunno, I’m no pvp expert, but if it were me, I’d want to take somebody with me. Or at least try to do so. The alternative is to just spam the warp button in the hopes you can get your pod out before they blap that too.

yes you are right i didn’t notice to the overview and i didn’t hit dcsan nonstop cuz i was so into those flying money… yep that’s a big lesson for me. Thank you

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Nice story. Welcome to new eden. Fly dangerously. :sunglasses:

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Man i love those flying money :smiley:

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