I havent been able to get into game since T3 changes a few weeks ago

I open the launcher. Launcher says its ready. I enter username/pw. I press play and nothing happens. I’m not sure what could have changed as I did not make any changes to my computer or its settings. Reinstalled a new launcher,reinserted the shared cache. No luck with that. I followed instructions via this link. https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/203613081-Clearing-client-settings-and-the-client-side-cache-data . That yielded no desired result.

I played for a few weeks prior the update mentioned above with no problems. Now the launcher does nothing after entering user/pw and and gives no indication there is a problem. I submitted a bug report and received nothing from that.

Any info to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

I’m having same problem are you on a MAC too? Help is for the birds…it’s been a week now and can’t play… what am I paying for??

Sorry for the late reply. I don’t use a Mac. I see others while a similar problem here. Client fails to launch

I have removed all CCP Eve online items this morning and plan to do a new install tomorrow with time allowing me. At that point if the problem persist I will delete it and move on to something else.