I just got Ganked - why?

I have a question about being ganked - while cloaked and warping between gates. HOW? I am relatively new although I am trained to omega. I understand - the moment you undock your fair game (rude but that’s eve). I insured my bestower - so I can buy another, but losing all the mods and charges I was hauling back for my new ship stings… what I don’t understand is how. I was preparing to jump from Ashab - on route to Nalu. I saw and heard nothing - just suddenly the timer popped up to tell me my ship would remain in space. etc etc . how did they get me while my ship was preparing to warp? then I was invited to a conversation - thinking the person had realised they shot a wrong person so I accepted. to find myself in a conversation with a group all saying honourable fight thanks. Then when I told them it was not honourable, all I got was hey miner calm down you had no mining certificate etc etc so… a lot of other stuff about hey you should have read… something… so I am confused, I have travelled to ashab before to pick up stuff without issue. newbies need to buy stuff and go get it. right? I started eve 12 years ago - left because of personal reasons - came back and am training my ass off - but this … its the how did they do that that I can’t quite fathom… I mean seriously no warning nothing!!!
Oh and I have an email saying kill was illegal you have the right to hunt them down etc etc… pfffft does not get all my expensive mods and charges I just bought back does it.

anyway advice - tips?

Because they can? I’m not sure why you seem so confused about this.

Your ship is engageable until you’re actually in warp. Preparing to warp means just that, you’re preparing to warp. You should learn how to fit your ship properly so that it has a sizeable amount of tank so that it doesn’t die so easily. Shield Extenders, Armor Plates, Bulkhead Reinforcers, etc.

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Without knowing the exact circumstances (feeling like something is missing from your explanation or maybe im just missing something), its hard to give advice.

Ganking however is perfectly legit in HS and happens frequently. Yes, it can get frustrating. I know a guy that kept using Hulks to mine in HS. Completely blinged out. Got pissed at me once because he thought I was a spy for another corp after he lost 2 while mining with me within a week. After the BS he started spewing I kind of wished I was involved, but I wasnt.

Personally, I recommend running combat sites and missions for meta mods if you aren’t using T2. Then the only thing you’re hauling is ships if you need them. If you do them enough, you can easily mine in HS and scrap the mods you dont need to build your own frigs/dessies. Those will get you through most things in HS, and have the added benefit of being cheap and good to fly with others.

Its a set back, but not the end. Learn from the experience and push forward.

Best of luck.

  • You are vulnerable until you actually enter in warp.
  • You fit way too much value in your ship for the amount of tank you had (you were a loot pinata).
  • Just because you got away with doing something stupid before, that doesn’t mean it’s safe.
  • Ambushes typically happen without warning, and you already know that everywhere outside of being docked is a PvP zone. So, I’m not sure what you expect in terms of a warning. All is working as intended.

Additionally advice for avoiding ganks:

  • Use instant undocks and insta-dock bookmarks when appropriate.
  • Don’t go to Jita during burn Jita.
  • Don’t autopilot.
  • Don’t go AFK.
  • Fit buffer tanks against gankers (the amount of EHP repaired during a gank is usually less than the extra EHP you’d get from fitting a straight buffer tank).
  • Don’t haul on characters that a wardec’ed.
  • Make sure that duel requests are turned off for your hauling pilot.
  • If you web your freighter, always send duel requests to the webber, and never to the freighter.
  • I have occasionally received fleet invites while in a hauler (presumably to warp me away from gate guns, idk). Regardless, always be very careful about what you click on.
  • Don’t have your haulers in a corp that allows friendly fire unless you and your alts are the only people in that corp.
  • One hauling strategy is to fit enough tank that the ships required to gank you would cost more than the value of your expected loot drop.
  • One hauling strategy is to be as slippery as possible (usually best for moving small, high-value cargo like BPO’s). This is achieved through things like 2 second align times, covert ops cloaking devices, and the MWD cloak trick.
  • Use Eve Gatecamp check, scouts, the in-game map, or any other intel tools that you have at your disposal to see if gankers are currently active along your route. Sometimes systems with ganker activity can be avoided with a negligible amount of extra jumps. Sometimes you’re better off waiting until later to haul. Sometimes you can count on being an unprofitable gank target. Do note, however, that figuring that your tank is more than the gank fleet can take on is a risky gambit. Fleet numbers can rise and fall, and depending on when they scan you and how fast you move, they may even have time to reship into something that can take you on.
  • Traders are constantly overloading their haulers and/or compromising their tank in order to increase cargo hold capacity and decrease travel times because they get lazy and impatient. This gets them killed. Always use the most appropriate ship for the haul, and always use best practices. If that means waiting, then wait. If it means making two trips, then make two trips.
  • Do note that anything can still be ganked. A small gank fleet may have to watch your 700 EHP bowhead pass by today, but large gank fleets do regularly form. Moreover, if they see you flying a loot pinata, they may decide to actively hunt your ass. On top of that, covert ops capable ships stand a fair chance of getting decloaked on gates where gankers have been active (they will be surrounded with wrecks and faction police), and fast moving ships are vulnerable to smart bombs, lag, and DC’s. So don’t think it can’t happen to you.
  • Just because you got away with it before, doesn’t mean it’s safe.
  • Don’t haul what you can’t afford to lose.
  • If you can’t haul it safely, pay someone to haul it for you.

I am learning as I go. the friend I had in eve is now gone, so learning the hard way I guess and - to be clear yes I am pissed but I accept every time I undock its clear I could be killed. I will continue to google and use eve workbench etc to learn about things - although the fit had was a recommended eve fit for a bestower… so kinda weird. The purpose of my conversation was an effort to learn more about how things work. Thanks for the information - it actually does help to hear from more experienced people a bit more about how eve works.

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I was in my Bestower, returning to Nalu from Amar VIII. reading other replies I see now that the supplies I had in my cargo was probably the target - I guess when I jumped from Amar to Ashab (having just passed that way to get to Amar VII I) they spotted my cargo. don’t know if that helps as I am not sure what you need, so just telling what I was doing - but all I really need is to understand the what and how it happened.

I appreciate the learning curve here - and that was the reason for the topic - I need to learn.
I am a 62 y. o woman ( no seriously I am), I play because it helps me with my PTSD (makes me focus on things I like - rather than the stress stuff outside of eve) - like most new players I struggle to fathom a lot about how eve works.
I now see as Shipwreck Jones pointed out - I am actually still vulnerable while preparing to warp. I never go AFK (learnt that the hard way) I never ever use autopilot. but now see in the conversation thread something about dual request, so I wil investigate that now.
See I just learned something…
And I now know that I need to investigate more about tanking.
So all of you - Scoot, Shipwreck, Philos are helping me to learn even more. I use eve university eve workbench to try and figure out how to fit my ships - but yeah that kinda let me down this time… :rofl: :rofl:

I am Caldari but I like the Amar ships, So if the bestower is not the best hauler may I ask you what is.
I play solo - not in it for the fighting (except when I have to defend myself) - I do planet production - some mining - would love to ice mine - eventually, maybe.
I do distribution missions (or did them in the bestower) and the supplies I had were for my gnosis as I thought maybe I could try level 1 and 2 seurity mmissions… (hmmmm maybe I should rethink that part… 2nd hand gnosis now for sale :thinking:

thanks for taking the time to reply, I will go through and investigate what you have all talked about and hope that I can find the way to protect myself in the future.

I play for fun that’s all, but enjoy the learning. and of course earring some isk.

Happy new year to you all and thank you again for your input it has helped.
I still have soooooooo much to learn about eve. :wink:

Lots of good advise above. I found your killmail. the why you were ganked is very much to do with the value of your cargo. You could have the best fit bestower in the world but with 1.1b inside you will be ganked. I would recommend less than 70m worth in a Bestower (even then someone may decide they want to gank you.

Besides that, the fit your using isnt that good. No need for a weapon. Your mids have an empty slot and only 1 shield module, i doubt you need the cap recharger.

The low slots are full of Expanded Cargo Holds, if you look at the attributes of that module each one LOWERS your structure hitpoints, so you are giving yourself less tank. If you need to use expanders, only use as many as you need for the cargo… this would not have saved you though as the main reason you got ganked was the value you were carrying

Thanks Giddy
I am beginning to realise that , so even though what I need is 9 jumps or more away - several small trips are best.
I will search eve for the best way to tank and also be cap stable.
I will get another bestower - but now challenge myself to get it properly set up , although as I said I found this fit on the eve workbench,

Happy new year to you and thanks for the advice. I see BIG learning curves and lots of research ahead, but I like that. :wink:

Cloak warp trick is what you need to practice. This is the universal way to transport slow valuable stuff not able to warp cloaked everywhere in EvE.

The point is to not getting caught, so tank is less important, except with freighters which can’t cloak or fit an MWD.


If you are 9 jumps away I would set up a public courier from Jita to your home system, as carrying 1.1b worth of cargo at 70m value at a time will take forever.

With the courier remembering to put a decent collateral on it so if the the courier dies (ie that courier gets ganked) you get paid. I generally go between 1.5/2% of cargo value as the reward and +10% of the value as the collateral. and post the contract in the “Haulers Channel” chat channel.

So for a 1.1b value courier I would
give the reward at 16,500.000 which may sound like a lot but it is a small amount of the cargo value
put the collateral at 1,210.000.000** 10% above what you paid
time 1 week and 1 day to fullfill

thanks Giddy, sooooo much to learn, I am revising whether I should get the bestower again. I do planetary production (4 so far) so that’s why I had the bestower, which I also used to pick up stuff for myself.
i will look at the courier side, it sounds interesting however the only time I carried so much was when fitting a new ship, may still be worth it though to use a courier. I do still want to have a good transport or cargo ship for myself. so checking out other ships now - intern (slow) prorater Machariel etc…sigh
so much fun to learn but wow its a lot… :wink:
thanks again

You can look at things from the other side too, there are variations but this video will give you some idea.

The more you understand how things work the better prepared you are. Keeping the value down is the easiest strategy.

FYI Sigil is harder to catch than Bestower, but has less cargo capacity. With 3 Inertial Stabilizer II’s your align time can be under 4 seconds.


Thanks Wanda… I agree - and that is what I am trying to do, understand.

well at least eve is way more interesting than sitting and knitting socks right… LOL.


Glad you’re sticking with it despite the loss.

Lvl 1 missions can all be done in a frigate. The majority of lvl 2 can be done in a destroyer without warping away.

As for hauling, if I remember correctly you can use cargo containors. Itll limit the raw cargo capacity (no ships really), but if you’re just hauling mods around those can be dumped in the containors and prevents potential pirates from knowing the value of what you’re carrying… or what you’re carrying (been awhile that could be outdated).

Best way to learn is to do, and it seems you’re doing that. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

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Everyone has given you good advice, but the answers you’ve received have mostly touched on why you were targeted, I’m going to address why you didn’t realize what was happening.

According to zkill, your ship took 2306 points of damage. Your attacker used a ship capable of releasing more than 10,000 points of damage in a single volley, if the pilot is sufficiently skilled and their ship is fitted correctly. So, one shot from your attacker was all it took.

In addition, according to zkill, your attacker fit her ship to enhance locking time, considering your ship is slow to align (slow to move into warp) the fact she fit her ship as she did worked against you also.


I live in a J-space system, accumulating PI stuff and loot. Whenever I get a wormhole to somewhere near Jita I take my accumulated stuff to the Hi-sec NPC station nearest the WH, and contract it to my Jita alt - this averages out at around once a month. My Jita alt then ferries it into Jita in small chunks at the safest times available and sells it. In the last year I’ve only been ganked once, for 250 million, and it was really my own fault (I was being lazy and didn’t MWD/Cloak when I should have). If I have any doubts about passing through a system I either avoid it by rerouting, or park-up in an NPC station in the prior system till it looks safe. There are lots of tools to check for gankers (zkill, check-before-you-jump) and you can go through a gate in just your capsule to check for gatecamps before shipping valuable stuff through that gate - etc, etc.

The only skills my Jita alt has are those required to fly a Miasmos, a Nereus and an Epithal, and to cloak and MWD - It just takes a bit of planning, a bit of checking and a bit of common-sense…

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I like your attitude, @taurwen_Ichinumi , if you keep up with your learning how to do things better rather than raging and complaining you are poised to potentially enjoy EvE.

Ah. Sounds like you encountered the Noble Knights of the New Order (CODE.)™ whilst they were nobly engaged in the near-thankless laborious task of bringing order to hisec. What they suggested you read was the New Hailama Code of Conduct which is what they enforce. They sell mining(/hauling) permits as part of their program.

It’s kind of considered just good sportsmanship in EvE to say something like “gf” (good fight) regardless of win or lose or any circumstance, really. Even if it was a hundred-to-one ambush or someone that just defeated you badly one-v-one, never complain, never let anybody “get” to you.

Excellent, I see that you have good taste. :slight_smile:

Certainly EvE can be played solo and many have through the years of EvE’s existence, but personally I suggest folk join a (good - harder to find) corp to learn if nothing else There is also a place in this game for folks who choose to play in other ways than spaceship combat (although this game is a fighting game foundationally…something all too many players seem to forget/ignore…)
Maybe check this out:

Bestower is ok, but I prefer the Sigil. As mentioned above. the microwarpdrive/cloak “trick” (method) is a haulers best friend.


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@hellokittyonline you have some explaining to do… :wink:


@taurwen_Ichinumi hellokitty’s fit link https://zkillboard.com/kill/89630622/