I Like Posting My Ideas in the Forums as Quickly as Possible before I Forget Them

I try to post my ideas for features in Player Features & Ideas as soon as I come up with them; if I don’t I might forget them or something. :sweat_smile: I think it’s cool if other people do the same. Ideas are worth sharing, especially the in-depth ones that describe the thought processes behind the creativity.

Out of Pod Experience (OOPE) might be a better forum for that than here or PF&Is. OOPE posters are open-minded, and like to hear any kind of good crazy-ass thing.

Isn’t OoPE specifically for non-EVE Online related things? This post is about these forums, which are about EVE Online; and my ideas seem right at home in PF&Is, even if people don’t think they are the greatest (or think they are just plain bad) ideas.

Well, I’m no ISD, but my understanding is just where extraneous nonsense but possibibly interesting stuff funnels into. Not the rules, just from experience.

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cross-posting is frowned upon and it breaches forum guidelines. If you have ideas - post them in PF&I, there is no reason to spam GD about them as well.

Well if I want to post anything that I think is “extraneous nonsense,” I’ll be sure to post it there.

Don’t believe everything you post

Don’t believe what part(s)?

You can also try writing them down somewhere in a text file and add to them later, and then post. This way they come more refined.


Sure! Let’s encourage people to not think about whatever pops up in their brains! Much better if they all just posted whatever comes to their minds, with no second thought! What a marvellous idea, i bet it will attract tons of smart people!

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