I lost faith in CCP

Nope. All that time and and money you put in is gone the moment you put it in. You can’t (without violating the eula and risking losing your account/stuff) ever cash out so it can never break even let alone appreciate in value.

Someday in the future maybe not so soon but eventually, the game will die. All those digital things will not be worth the electricity and magnetism they are made of.

The game is just that: a game - entertainment.


They really should allow players to generate value from it as that alone would keep it alive. The flow of currency is the flow of life and that’s why people attack finances.

Pretty wrong, they’re both intended as entertainment. If your particular segment of entertainment in the game is no longer to your liking, try picking a different segment or if that doesn’t work, a different game. Changes are a constant in Eve, we all go through the same challenge of adjusting when we stick around long enough (albeit that the Scarcity thing impacts far too many people and too many play styles in a very negative way and there’s little adjusting to stuff simply disappearing).

The way I see it, the investment of time (and money) into the game is an investment to improve yourself as a player, hone your player skills, broaden your scope, learn to deal with obstacles and especially join and enjoy the community. It’s not an investment in obtaining virtual goods - virtual being the key word. The value lies in increased knowledge and how one learns to use it, the people you get to know. That is the real (and not virtual) return on investment.

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in defense of CCP

  • single shard
  • subscription based without stupid multi expansion packs double dip
  • good amount of content for FTP players
  • there is no other space MMO on the market that can dream to compete with EVE
  • nowadays they sell stuff for money but they don’t hide content behind paywall (aka triple dip)

yes i think new CCP suck compared to the good old days CCP but i also think most of the recent complains come from not knowing what the game is about

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Then scarcity is not working as intended, as it creates new stockpiles, right?

The population halved. Its most likely not the case that you suddenly became 5 times more brilliant and successful. Its hundreds of players leaving let you benefit from lack of competition.

Its a weak argument about people unable to adapt. If they all were to adapt, you wouldnt see more money, nothing would change for you.

People who are not playing, who are taking a break or quitting, are not spending. Their stockpiles are not shrinking. If it’s even a valid goal in a game. The offlined stockpiles are going to be the sword of Damocles over CCPs heads. CCP tells they’ve reached the threshold. But I think they either saving face or misentepreting the data.

Mineral index quadrippling last year was not due to people rushing to belts. But people starting reprocessing stockpiles they’ve aqured in years or probably decades before that. Destruction and production did not follow, so the stockpiles are still there.

It’s not necessarily EVE Online made that $15 mil though. It’s EVE IP, which includes EVE Echoes also.
And in dynamic the numbers are declining. 21.3 > 19.1 > 17.6

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edomo vanitas edoceo EVE is an education, we win in vain.

See, I think this is a weak argument. Of course, if everyone did what I did, it would devalue my rewards. However, I’m pretty sure that there is more than one way make a living in Eve. And this most certainly does not mean that a lot of complainers are not just getting angrier and angrier as their deprecated strats give them less and less reward for their time and effort. That is not adaptation -that’s being an evolutionary hold out.

Of course, this is not to say that everyone can pivot to new ships, careers, and/or opportunities as easily as older and richer players can, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t adapt. The problem, however, is that too many people would rather complain that CCP made a change, than figure out how they might benefit from that change.

Now, I do believe that some players do indeed sometimes get the shaft, and that sometimes people do have legitimate complaints (and I sympathize with casuals and newbros who feel like they had the rug yanked out from under them). However, I’m also of the firm opinion that not having a valid complaint has never stopped a whiner from whining. Doesn’t matter if it fixes balance issues, or is good for the long term health of the the game…

Whiners gonna whine -because that’s how they respond to adversity.

Oh, and I seriously doubt the stockpiles of the people who logged off are anything to worry about. Think about it, do your really think that the overalap between those who built large stockpiles of wealth/production mats/assets, and the people who are logging off because they’re having trouble making ends meet is particularly large? You might be able to argue that their isk/assets are cumulatively large, but I doubt it. Now, to be clear, I’m not saying that thing is good or bad, I’m just saying that thing is - and that thing is that it’s actually a very small segment of the player base that owns most of the stuff and engages in most of the unsustainable economic activity. So, as long as CCP has been able to diminish the stockpiles of the guys who actually have stockpiles worth considering, then they have achieved their goals. Personally, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume that they are in a better position to ascertain whether or not they have achieved their goals than the players are. But, I guess we’ll find out.

But don’t forget to at me if I’m proven wrong.

No P2W


This being the important bit. I bet it also has to do with the people not really understanding EVE all too well but rather just being told what to do and how to do it, meaning they lack the actual knowledge to adjust easily.


I think CCP should guarantee that 1 isk can be traded for 1 bitcoin.

That seems fair.

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