I lost faith in CCP

I appreciate you sharing what you find worthwhile. However, to my prior point:

…yours sounds awfully like “ISK/hour” dressed up in the form of “buy replacement ships in a reasonable amount of time”.

For me, I often wind up chatting in local in violation of the old adage “never talk in local”, and in the process I’ve made many acquaintances, gotten in trouble, gotten out of trouble, gotten in a hi sec duel, gotten temporary standings, learned juicy gossip, stumbled upon gatecamps, gotten unnecessary thanks for mercy (I don’t like blowing up small-or-solo corp industrials), hot exploration tips, free admission into event fleets, banter with pirates, circumnavigated half the universe, etc. I’ve found such adventures worthwhile despite the ISK/hour being abysmal and the sov map changes nonexistent. I’ve found the people of EVE way more interesting than the assets of EVE.

I still hope that you, too, find something other than ISK/hour being worthwhile.


Let it burn.


Burn IT!

when I lost my faith in ccp, you did not know how to piss on the potty yet…


Are you trying to make a point or just spouting more “this is eve” bs? I subscribed to the game, what else is there? Isn’t like I was buying skill injectors, I subscribed, got some plex here and there when things got tight or I wanted a skin.

Yeah ISK isn’t everything but in a PVP game that requires ISK to play, its pretty hard to play the game without it.

Your first mistake was placing any level of faith in CCP.

It’s been a cluster**** all 12 of my years.

The game is now consistently inconsistent. There is no rhyme or reason behind ANYTHING they do. It’s like their Viking ancestors raiding and pillaging a wealthy settlement, and leaving it in ashes with no real sustainable future, then pissing away everything they looted.

It’s a Lose-Lose situation for players and CCP.


How so? It’s a sandbox that CCP makes sure that the servers are live and players have stable gameplay.

Why are we asking more than that?

I continue to hear you, and you have made your point clearly. This latest short-statement of yours I find has semantics that reflects a very particular and specific worldview on the game, uttered in a rhetorical style that conveys a devoted and committed confidence to that outlook. I could try angles to chip away at that worldview like “there is no single way to PvP”, “there are less expensive ways to PvP”, “making relationships and doing unusual things lends to friends lends to better PvP outcomes and less ISK losses”, “PvP is a means but towards what end is for you to decide”, “if you aren’t having fun in a PvP game then change what PvP you’re doing”, and so on, but I’ve been here before during the summer of rage, so you’re not expressing a novel worldview.

Out of respect, I’m going to bow out of the thread so you don’t have to tire yourself repeating the same points to me. I’ve said my piece and, as the adage goes, I can only lead a horse to water.


I’d imagine it’s because they continue to ■■■■ with the sandbox.


The sand shifting inside the box is normal as there had been items added over the years and perhaps even items taken away.

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Happy Birthday Iceacid!

Thank you very much Princess.


I hear you as well, and while I agree there are many ways to play. My investment of time and money in this game needs to have some value, Without that value I feel investing more is foolish.

This is a game, the only „value“ a game should provide is „fun“ or „enjoyable time“. Depending on your own preferences there are usually many ways to achieve this in EVE. But like in every game, fun and enjoyable time is not always guaranteed, as sometimes they also depend on „luck“.

o beka…

I look at the value not as an “investment” but as entertainment value. Going to a movie or subscribing to cable TV has no investment value but has enough entertainment value to keep people paying loads of money for and waste a lot of time on them. By comparison, the sub for a MMO you enjoy is a small cost to entertainment ratio.

Making the game into an “investment” frames the game as a “job”. I already have plenty of work IRL and don’t need or want another Job. The game framed as you do is not a game I would want to play.

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What’s the value of going to the movies ? Same deal. If you don’t get anything out of it, don’t go.

Pretty sure and mmo and a movie are not the same thing.