I lost faith in CCP

Provably false.

This isn’t Snapchat, zoomer. It’s like you people are unaware that all the things you have written are still on the forum.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Does that mean I can never run for office?

No one ever said anything about running IN the office though. Its basically the same thing?

The last time I did that I got tackled by the security…

and this point leads us back to the topic at hand – have faith but htfu so you can out run security ??

Understood, yet the brains animating that universe, in this case New Eden, are inside the heads of sentient beings who inhabit a real universe and no matter how much we try to separate the two, they are nonetheless linked and one always affects the other.
So when something happens in one universe like “life happens” and a player cannot connect or quits or dies irl, it affect New Eden universe. Just can’t divorce the two. One depends on the other.

we can agree to disagree on a lot :slight_smile: Eve is a game (a great game world) the world is the world. IRL first…pew pew when there’s time …I personally keep the two quite seperate.

CCP balances EVE.

I’ve been finding worthwhile things to do, for a definition of “worthwhile” not measured in ISK/hour.

Sucks to see you go, but if you ever do come back, I hope you re-evaluate what “worth” is.


You can try to keep them separate but the things that affect your real life will affect your life in New Eden. Your gaming is influenced and affected by things like: working overtime, loosing your job, losing a loved one, a fire at your house, going on vacation, getting divorced… Otherwise, the saying “real life first” wouldn’t make much sense if they were as separate as you suggest.

Generally speaking Asian culture values leisure and their associated digital assets differently. Evidently CCP was wise to expand localisation.

In my opionion EVE is the best collaborative puzzle game ever.
edomo validus erudio; you will always be an accomplished alumnus of EVE Academy.

Lastly, can I have your stuff? I don’t really want it but we have traditions to maintain.

due to the fact that you combine and separate RL and the game depending on how you feel more comfortable at the moment, your opinion on this matter ceased to matter to me…

PvP is kind of dull without targets.

Oh, we still have market PvP, puh!

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Worthwhile, is being able to buy new ships, replace losses without having to buy plex in a reasonable amount of time.

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I quit reading.


You should not quit reading. By reading you gain more knowledge and information and you become smarter. If you don’t read that might not happen!


Your mistake is the assumption that these ships are the same as max level in other games, “endgame”. So you bought yourself to endgame using RL money and got a hard lesson, these are fleet ships that mainly corps can afford to use and lose.

You do know not to fly what you can’t afford to lose right?


“Targets” have been quitting for the entire life of EVE.

More always come.

I appreciate you sharing what you find worthwhile. However, to my prior point:

…yours sounds awfully like “ISK/hour” dressed up in the form of “buy replacement ships in a reasonable amount of time”.

For me, I often wind up chatting in local in violation of the old adage “never talk in local”, and in the process I’ve made many acquaintances, gotten in trouble, gotten out of trouble, gotten in a hi sec duel, gotten temporary standings, learned juicy gossip, stumbled upon gatecamps, gotten unnecessary thanks for mercy (I don’t like blowing up small-or-solo corp industrials), hot exploration tips, free admission into event fleets, banter with pirates, circumnavigated half the universe, etc. I’ve found such adventures worthwhile despite the ISK/hour being abysmal and the sov map changes nonexistent. I’ve found the people of EVE way more interesting than the assets of EVE.

I still hope that you, too, find something other than ISK/hour being worthwhile.


Let it burn.