I Lost My Innocence Today

Tried doing a Level 6 mission in a Gila but just couldn’t do it. In the end, I decided to use my Raven Navy Issue and still have problems killing the final boss.

Saw a raven in Local and asked for his help. He agreed and we formed a fleet. 5 minutes later, he and his buddies were tearing me apart at the gate.

Lesson learnt.


Fleeting up can be dangerous indeed, because you can be warped to and your containers/wrecks belong to all fleet members (and their MTUs).
An expensive killmail in Lowsec is tempting for many players.

I’m wondering where in the game you get level 6 missions?


That’s not considered a mission. A mission is what you get from npcs. Those are DED. 6/10 is how you would say what you were in. Npc missions only go to level 5.

DTA: don’t trust anybody


Ok got it.

Indeed. I would say be very careful of who you trust in game.

I would feel like a prince getting their dinner served on a golden platter if a raven asked for help like that, would have a real battle with my morality on whether or nor idk kill ya.

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