I need help help fr, can't find a corp

I really need help, I got coalition blacklisted by horde (tbh Idk why), and when I tried joining evictus they kicked me cuz they think I’m a spy, and all my ships are in horde space. What should I do now? like everyone thinks I’m a spy. Someone, pls I need to join a nullsec corp (i am not a spy)

That’s exactly what a spy would say.

fr bruh i’m not a spy and why did horde kick me in the first place

Even spies don’t get kicked from horde so I imagine you did something pretty bad.

i was just mining and ratting bruh usual nullsec ■■■■

What did they say was the reason for the kick?

they didn’t say anything

I’m assuming you asked, of course. This is weird. You should make a reddit thread about it. They’re unlikely doing it for no reason, so there’s something important missing. Usually people are being kicked for bad behaviour. In the history of this forum no one ever included this part of the equation. It’s always “the others did this” and not “I did what might have caused this”.

Maybe it’s your abuse of the english language, or that name of yours. I don’t know, but I do know that they must have had a reason and I do know that you must somehow have provided that reason. So try thinking really hard about a situation where you might have said or done something that might have pissed off people more than you thought it might.


I think you do know. You should come clean. This here forums is the perfect place for it.


i am coming clean, i didn’t do anything

No capitilaztion and no full stop at the end of your sentence. And you’re saying: “I didn’t do anything.” That is not very honest of you, is it?

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lmao ik i hate my name, but I don’t think i said anything too offensive, yea i curse so what

Bad use of the English language and cursing. What more are you not telling us?

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bruh check my killboard, yea i posted some memes in their discord but like blacklist? nah

I know plenty of groups who would kick you just for the killboard. :grin:

We can’t help you, but we don’t need to. You don’t need these people. There’s plenty of other space in this game and lots of people who don’t know you or any of those who knew you.

Bad use of the English language, cursing and posting, most likely very obscene, memes in Horde’s Discord. We really have to pull it out of you. Go on now. It is better to throw it all out.

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uhm dropping an MTU in standing apparently that’s against the rules but still blacklist??
it was only an MTU

after i ganked them i sent 5mil

Bad use of the English language, cursing, posting filthy memes in Discord, a horrible killboard and dropping MTUs in standing fleet. And I am very sure there is more you’re not telling us.

You’re a ruthless killer also!

The only viable solution is to bio-mass this character and start anew. Sell all your stuff and send the ISK to me. I’ll double it for you and send it to your new character for a clean new start.

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bruh u think i’m retarded nah tf