Dont Join Dark Venture Corporation or you will have srs problem some day

i just come online after 3 days and they just banned me from evrywhere and they dint even mail me why i ask in corp kaladin member of this corp said i post somthing on reddit about evict them i am 18 years pc gamer and i dint have reddit account untill now i made one to post this i told the leader varag if there is way i can proof it but no he block me and want to shoot me when i want to move stuff out my 80% of my game time i was in this corp i have almost 25b asset there i just wanted you guys know about this corp carefull when you moving or holding stuff in it my name ingame is hellstorm saken just in case good luck evryone

This Looks more like Thief Then new bro corp :stuck_out_tongue: now i get it why they keep unachoring Station and put it again hahaha shame i am just new player

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Re-write this drivel and somebody might actually read it besides ISD Dorrim Barstorlode.

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No worries friend, contract everything to Aiko Danuja.

Problem solved. Happy to help.


Sorry, but your post is an unreadable wall of text with no punctuation whatsoever, which is a strong indication that whatever happened was your fault.

Actually, I hope you get hit hard in game for pretending anyone should be bothered to read that gibberish…


This post has made me aware of a corporation called Dark Venture, which appears to be a fine group of people who know when it’s time to drop the dead weight.


OP, as Knowledgeminer suggested, use punctuation please

and, OP, if your assets are stuck in this corp structure, use assets safety to recover what you need (paying the required tax, of course)

Just because someone doesn’t know how to use punctuation doesn’t mean they should be targeted for future scams.

Those saying that such players should be scammed really are low class players.

Sorry, but someone that shows a total lack of respect for those that have to read whatever it is that he wants to say, e.g. by showing he doesn’t care whether his post is even readable, does deserve to be treated with the same lack of respect in game too.

Moreover, that way of writing is a strong indication that the poster lacks basic cognitive and self awareness skills and that whatever it is that he’s complaining about could very well be the result of something he misunderstood or did wrong himself in the first place…


Ha, look who has been released from the funny farm.

James abhors the illiterate miner.

Now, if only someone could figure out how to pipebomb the gankers out of existence…

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