I need help help fr, can't find a corp

and even if i start new i’m gonna lose all my SP

Extract the SP and sell it on market for ISK. Send the ISK to me and: " I’ll double it for you and send it to your new character for a clean new start.

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look sorry mb but i’m not gonna send all my isk to you and expect to get double

I din do nuffin mang

It was an honest gesture on my part to help you get on your feet again. As you can see here I am a very honest person and if I say i’ll double it, I’ll double it.

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the problem is i only have 23mil liquid isk and the rest is in horde space

900mil plus isk in horde space

There is a thing called asset safety.

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You can make contracts remotely. Sell your stuff in Horde space. Or use the asset safety option like Algathas suggests.

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ok thx i’m gonna sell assets now

Good luck selling your stuff. Don’t be a stranger.

but will horde accept my alt

and skill extractors are expensive

I am not in Pandemic Horde and can not answer that question. But you do not need an alt to put your stuff in asset safety and get it moved to the nearest low sec location.

They indeed are. They cost 327 million in Perimtere at the moment. When you have sold your stuff you should be able to buy it list two. Extract the SP and sell it so you can buy a new extractor and so on and so forth.

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ok yeah but i’m gonna try and apply to karmafleet first and if i get rejected i’m gonna switch main characters, thanks

You’re most welcome. Good luck in all your endeavours.

PS: please do something about the capitalization and punctuation of your posts.

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Okay, from now on I’m going to type formally here


You should make this a regular habit. Everyone around you will appreciate it greatly. It shows that you care about other people actually reading your text, while writn lik dis gonna earn ya nuffin.

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