I³ Program Thread of Record

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Idle ISK Investments (I³) program Thread of Record (TOR)

This thread serves as the TOR for the I³ program, administered by Far Wanderer on behalf of The New Bank of Far.

This thread will detail the program TERMS, list CUSTOMERS, and announce OPENINGS and PAYMENTS.


I³ serves the capsuleers of New Eden by allowing them to make a modest fixed return on a small portion of their ISK that would otherwise sit unused in their wallet.

I³ is meant for established capsuleers. It is not meant for newbs that have just made their first billion.

Interested capsuleers must message the program director (Far Wanderer) to join I³.

Program inquiries posted to this thread will not be answered.


Program Start Date: February 1, 2017

Openings: 4 openings out of 5 remaining.

Buy In: 1 billion ISK

Payments: Monthly

Rate of Return: 5%


  1. Maevia Yasney

  2. OPEN

  3. OPEN

  4. OPEN

  5. OPEN

(Far Wanderer) #2

Payments are listed below and as they are made each month.

(Bank McBanks) #4


(Brock Khans) #5

Darnit banks, you beat me to it. At least share the popcorn :popcorn:

(Elizabeth Norn) #6

What happened to the old bank?

(Bank McBanks) #7

But I brought extra for myself -_-… sigh okay here, have one of mine :popcorn:

(JonahVark) #8

Is that to help alleviate the feeling of guilt? Scamming new bros is less satisfying? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Either way… I wish you all the best with your endeavor.

(Far Wanderer) #9

Thank you.

(Far Wanderer) #10


Idle Isk Investments has four (4) openings out of five remaining.

Interested capsuleers must message the program director (Far Wanderer) to join I³.

(Far Wanderer) #11

Hello Elizabeth.

The original Bank of Far was given away to a member of that corporation.

(Spod Khema) #12

What happened to the isk that was held by the previous bank? And who was the old bank given to?

(Far Wanderer) #13

Why does no one ever share with the OP?

(Far Wanderer) #14


DATE: 2/28/2018
PAYOUT: 50,000,000 ISK

(Awkward Sanchez) #15

Loving the “if I just dont answer the hard questions maybe they will go away” tactic.

(Far Wanderer) #16

It’s all part of the service.

(Far Wanderer) #17


DATE: 3/31/2018
PAYOUT: 50,000,000 ISK

(Far Wanderer) #18


DATE: 5/5/2018
PAYOUT: 50,000,000 ISK

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