I³ Program Thread of Record

Idle ISK Investments (I³) program Thread of Record (TOR)

This thread serves as the TOR for the I³ program, administered by Far Wanderer on behalf of The New Bank of Far.

This thread will detail the program TERMS, list CUSTOMERS, and announce OPENINGS and PAYMENTS.


I³ serves the capsuleers of New Eden by allowing them to make a modest fixed return on a small portion of their ISK that would otherwise sit unused in their wallet.

I³ is meant for established capsuleers. It is not meant for newbs that have just made their first billion.

Interested capsuleers must message the program director (Far Wanderer) to join I³.

Program inquiries posted to this thread will not be answered.


Program Start Date: February 1, 2017

Openings: 4 openings out of 5 remaining.

Buy In: 1 billion ISK

Payments: Monthly

Rate of Return: 5%


  1. Maevia Yasney

  2. OPEN

  3. OPEN

  4. OPEN

  5. OPEN

Payments are listed below and as they are made each month.


Darnit banks, you beat me to it. At least share the popcorn :popcorn:

What happened to the old bank?

But I brought extra for myself -_-… sigh okay here, have one of mine :popcorn:

Is that to help alleviate the feeling of guilt? Scamming new bros is less satisfying? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Either way… I wish you all the best with your endeavor.

Thank you.


Idle Isk Investments has four (4) openings out of five remaining.

Interested capsuleers must message the program director (Far Wanderer) to join I³.

Hello Elizabeth.

The original Bank of Far was given away to a member of that corporation.

What happened to the isk that was held by the previous bank? And who was the old bank given to?

Why does no one ever share with the OP?


DATE: 2/28/2018
PAYOUT: 50,000,000 ISK

Loving the “if I just dont answer the hard questions maybe they will go away” tactic.

It’s all part of the service.


DATE: 3/31/2018
PAYOUT: 50,000,000 ISK


DATE: 5/5/2018
PAYOUT: 50,000,000 ISK

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