I really hate punishers

I give up there is no counter to these stupid things other than more punishers

If you mean Blood Raider Punisher squadrons eating your structure shields, a Gila makes em dead pretty quick.

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I dont know anything about NPC’s shooting structures

OP doesn’t like dual plated punishers. Doesn’t like them baiting him. Whines about how he can’t kill them before their back up arrives.



Sounds like the issue is deeper rooted.


Have you tried using worms? They shred punishers to bits. If they have friends, simply make some of your own friends and tell them to also bring worms


Is the crux of it.

Anything that isn’t killing a punisher before it’s friends show up is a ‘loss’ to the OP. Which is why, as far as the op is concerned, it’s unbeatable.

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Took a while for me a realize you were talking about a hull

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It probably helps if you stop fitting badly.

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I wish for a ship they’d call Lobo.

It would be a suicide gankers dream and a nightmare for everyone else,
so horribly overpowered, it would unite everyone against it.

Then CCP would introduce a ship called Clause to counter it.

Anyone who didn’t read the original Lobo (not the weakass new one) is missing out
and not getting the reference.

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I am only guessing, but a vengeance is a pretty good hull.

I am only guessing, but a polarized daredevil should do the trick.
Or an enyo if you are a wet duck.

Did you ever consider trying to stay at range? :wink:

The problem I think here is actually a real problem.

The punisher has adequate PG and CPU to fit dual 400mm compact plates an MWD and a scram with 4 off 125mm AC’s in the top.

This gives the Punisher approx 107 dps & 20,000 effective hitpoints.

Twenty… Thousand… Effective Hitpoints. Without boosts or implants. or any fitting modules / implants

Personally. I agree. This is cancer to the T1 frigate balance. No other T1 non faction frigate can compete with these numbers. And the real trick is to fly in a pair. One with a scram and the other with a web. This ship needs to be hit with the nerf hammer.

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There is really nothing wrong with the Punisher.

First most Punishers dont have much in the way of speed. If you cant deal with a slow heavy tanked ship that has no real range control then you cant fly. Second a Punisher is a T1 frigate… wtf are you doing that you cant handle that little ship?


A Punisher has more or almost as much PG than most T1 Destroyers.

What the actual balance?

I’m pretty sure when they were typing in the PG for the Punisher they mis typed 67 instead of 57 (before skills).

Well, if you brick tank a worm it can hit 30k ehp COLD with 160 dps using a pure t2 fit. With that puny 100 ish dps a punisher will never break a dual rep incursus, and will lose to it eventually. Basically any kiter will destroy an punisher due to the lack of range control. If you really put your mind to it, you can even get a merlin (2 t2 medium shield extenders, 2 t2 adaptives, dcu + 3 small core extender rigs) to have 20k ehp. Punishers aren’t the only bricks with 0 control

And makes it super slow with no range control and easy to kite. Or as suggested, an active tank with some kind of cap mods.

The punisher is not overpowered. Just really really good at tanking.

“Dont make me use tactics, thats cheating!”